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Hennessey is looking beyond 300 mph with the F5 Venom

Jeff Glucker September 26, 2018 Cars You Should Know 8 Comments

200 miles per hour is so last decade. Now every exotic machine under the sun can crest the double century mark. Hell, a handful of sub-$100k Dodge products can do it. The real top speed race is focused on a truly insane number; 300 mph. One of the major contenders aiming to hit this massive mark? Hennessey.

The Texas Tuner is building a new hyper car and it’s called the F5 Venom. John Hennessey made a bit of news surrounding the reveal of the car when he stated that it will be capable of hitting 300 mph. There’s a lot of engineering required for such a feat, and it involves more than just twisting the wick for four-figure horsepower. But Hennessey believes that 300 mph isn’t just possible, he’s actually aiming for an even 500 kilometers per hour, which is a bit over 310 mph.

How does he plan to do it? With a 7.6-liter twin-turbocharge V8 engine cooking up 1,600 horsepower and 1,3oo pound-feet of torque. That, coupled with a drag coefficient of 0.33, should be enough to get the F5 Venom past the 300 mph mark, per Hennessey’s .

The stress produced at the speed is immense. Be it on the tires, the engine, the aerodynamic forces at play, and the pressure on the driver, a run at 300 mph is uncharted territory for road-going production cars.

Will Hennessey get there first with its F5 Venom? We will likely find out in 2019, when testing gets underway for this potential record breaker.

  • Very handy that 500km/h and 300mph are so close, makes marketing with catchy numbers a blast.
    I’m really interested in the tire solutions they will find, though.

    • smalleyxb122

      It’s all down to the tires. Giving a car enough power to reach 300 mph is fairly straightforward, but the current lack of a (street) tire capable of 300 mph is a pretty big hurdle.

      • Jeff Glucker

        Apparently Michelin is working on it

        • You’re all over the interwebs!

  • Sjalabais

    But will it have Isofix?

    • outback_ute

      And a 5-star NCAP safety rating.

  • Fred

    Well only Hennessey can get Texas to close down a highway to run 300 mph. So that leaves me with a couple of open road runs and Bonneville. It’s just getting a bit silly.

    • Jeff Glucker

      It seems he’s actually interested in the stretch of road in Nevada where Koenigsegg set the current speed record.