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Last Call: Five-Wheel Friday Edition

Peter Tanshanomi September 14, 2018 Last Call 19 Comments

There’s a point beyond which the rational parameters of logical vehicle design take a back seat to style, whimsy, and utterly nonsensical coolness. Those limits are exceeded well before you get around to creating a five wheel, four seat chopper trike. Hooray for human irrationality.

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  • I’m a little surprised a car can be registered with such a narrow separation between its headlights, assuming it is registered.

    I’m also assuming this is in the US, but yeah, I’m prepared to assume this is in the US.

    • outback_ute

      Maybe that is a Floridian beach?

    • crank_case

      Maybe it’s registered as a quadricycle as the civil servant at the local registration office couldn’t be bothered dealing with the paperwork for a quidricycle of a Friday afternoon.

  • Sjalabais

    I prefer my “yellow on the beach”-theme with a roof:

  • longrooffan

    I prefer the landau edition…..

  • Zentropy

    I thought the purpose of customizing a motorcycle was to either make it cool or make it comfortable. Someone went to a lot of trouble to miss two targets on this one.

    • Sjalabais

      3rd goal might be to be remembered by random strangers on the internet.

      Aced that one.

  • Victor

    The ” Wile E. Coyote / Acme Road Runner ” was a solid performer.

  • Batshitbox

    Redusernab has presented me with the perfect entrepot to hijack this thread with

    The Surf Wagons of Winters Tavern

    Winters Tavern is in Pacifica, California and serves adult beverages to the rock’n’rollers and surfers that live there in the fog and cold, heavy waves of northern California. The opposite of the Beach Boys, pretty much.

    A recent visit hipped me to a few of the wagons they have around the joint, so I took some pictures. Surf wagons in their natural element, I guess I’ll call this.

    Out front, street parked, rollin’ and rulin’ was this Ford Country Squire, barely patinated by Pacifica standadrs, with a fine interior and all the curved glass, hubcaps and marker lights in place.

    All the rows of seating are laid down; in case there’s a drive-in movie to be scoped.

    Way out west in the back corner is the standard bearer for Winters Tavern, a 4-door Satellite wagon missing a couple hubcaps and hoary with spiderwebs, shat upon by seagulls, but still a billboard for cut vinyl graphics.

    And there, in the most dejected corner of the lot, was the AMC Hornet.

    Notice! This is not a surf wagon. Thets a ski rack on that buggy. Winters Tavern know what winter means all right.

    Properly supplied for a 30 year old AMC gonna rule the slopes, DON’T YOU DOUBT!

    • Whats up with the steering wheel on the country squire? You sit in the middle of the car to drive?

      • Zentropy

        Some of the old Fords had swing-away steering columns to ease entry. I’ve seen it on T-Birds– maybe they offered it in the Galaxies as well.

    • Another observation on the Ford. The hood paint hasn’t faired nearly as well as the rest of the car. Did Ford have an inferior process to paint the hoods vs. the rest of the car?

      • Back in the day a lot of cars had no insulation under the hood so the heat of the engine the heat of a Texas summer could kill the paint on the hood of a car. Early clear coats on GM products really suffered.

    • I’ve always liked those AMC Hornet hatchbacks. Oh, and it’s at least 40 years old, not 30.

  • If only they would have addd one more wheel…

    • outback_ute

      That is optimistic!

  • ptschett

    Utility version:

  • Krautwursten

    Three two equals five.

    • Batshitbox

      Bonus points: four one equals five carburettors.