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Watch a monstrously modified BMW E30 M3 tackle this hill climb course

Jeff Glucker August 8, 2018 Hoonivercinema, Motorsports 10 Comments

If the LS isn’t the answer to your power problems, it has to be the 2JZ. Toyota’s inline six-cylinder beauty is a 3.0-liter delight, especially when served up in the twin-turbocharged GTE flavor. Left stock, it has solid power numbers of around 270+ horsepower and well over 300 pound-feet of torque. When tuned, however, the sky (and your credit card) is the limit. Case in point? Exhibit B M W posted above.

The car is a BMW E30 M3 and it’s packing 2JZ heat under its hood. Hillclimb Monsters captured the car racing up the hill during the Osnabruck race weekend. The result was first place overall, and that was accomplished thanks to Vidar Jodahl’s driving skill and his monstrous engine.

Heavily modified, this 2JZ-GTE now produces 1,306 hp and well over 1,000 lb-ft of torque. The noise is amazing. The power is corrupting. The car is truly awesome.

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  • Zentropy

    That is simply awesome. I love E30s and inline sixes, and screw the purists that this one is a 2JZ. I can’t imagine trying to maintain control under throttle– he needs WAAAY more tire under that beast.

    Did the car kiss the guardrail at 2:21??

    • Jeff Glucker

      It looks kind of like it, but I don’t think it did – I think it was a combination of change in grip and turbo lag

      • Zentropy

        Prolly right. I don’t see damage at the end of the run. What a monster of a car!

  • anonymic

    So, mat every gear and just keep it there until tires stop spinning, then shift. Driving should always be like this.

    • Gnomical

      The three upticks (at time of writing) indicate others like this approach also. For me not so much. Maybe I’m too old and my reaction time is way too slow. I appreciate controlled power better; that Beemer looks twitchy – too much power for available grip. But hey, hats off to the driver and the builder; they did it and made it work. Now you youngsters get out there, enjoy yourselves and shuck the preconceived notions while you are at it.

      • anonymic

        For 1300bhp, I was surprised how stable it seemed. 40 comes up in January, but i still drive like I’m 17 and bulletproof. Albeit with a bit more experience and finesse.

  • rovingardener

    Proof that Mark Donohue got it right.

  • crank_case

    This is why Hillclimb (and perhaps to a lesser extent time attack) is the best motorsport if your more interested in the cars themselves, and the one I’d most like to do. It has scope to allow absolute nuttermobiles that wouldn’t be allowed in any circuit series.

    I also love the purity of just being the fastest driver, as opposed to the wiliest or agressive racer.

  • pxmpxm

    This is profoundly stupid – there’s about no way that car is actually competitive in any racing series, it’s all over the road every time it’s on boost. Nothing more than a drift car media stunt.

  • outback_ute

    I thought it looked surprisingly controlled. No worse than the Sierra RS500’s from 25 years ago – then again turbo technology has come a long way!