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Truck Central: Why does the 2018 GMC Canyon Denali exist? Let’s find out

Jeff Glucker July 10, 2018 Hoonivercinema 7 Comments

This is a slightly fancier version of a truck that already exists. It’s the GMC version of Chevy’s Colorado, and it’s called the GMC Canyon Denali. Does it make any sense? I try to figure it all out in a new video for Truck Central.

The short answer is: not really. You can spec a smarter Canyon or you can step up to a 1/2-ton Silverado. There are ways to make the (as-tested) $45k Canyon less expensive, and there’s even a $27k version sitting on the base end of the spectrum.

Still, I think there are better options in this space. You have the Tacoma, the aforementioned Colorado, and soon we’ll have a Ranger as well. I’m not sure the Canyon really needs to exist.

What do you think?

  • Zentropy

    I personally don’t get it. Not at $45k, particularly– MAYBE at 27. But I still recall buying my first new vehicle back in 1997, a Ranger XLT, for just over $11k (which is about $17k in today’s dollars). Granted, it was a 4-cylinder, a 5-speed, and had cloth interior, but it served as everything I needed in a commuter that could haul my mountain bike and camping gear in relative comfort. In fact, of all the cars I’ve owned, it’s one of two that I regret selling (the other was my E30 325e).

    This Denali isn’t about function– it’s about the name and the pseudo-luxury image that it brings. However, it makes at least as much sense as the (dirt-free) $60k King Ranch F150s that I see during rush hour and parked at office buildings.

  • outback_ute

    Can you get more luxury in a pickup for less though? I’m sure some will buy an alternative to an Acadia with a bed if GM offer it.

  • neight428

    FWIW, they are advertised starting around $36k. The price of “luxury” will be ever up to debate as to worth.

  • Batshitbox

    One look at it has convinced me it shouldn’t exist. It reminds me of those cheap Chinese market Buick knockoffs. Even if you gave it to me you’d still have to pay me $47K to be seen driving it.

    • Zentropy

      It is pretty goofy looking.

  • MattC

    I do not get it but that isn’t really a slam on the Denali. It is a slam on modern truck pricing. I have a 2010 Ranger (4cyl/ 5 speed auto/ ) that serves all my needs. It is the third Ranger I have owned . (1997 Reg cab 4 cyl/5speed , 1999 Ranger XLT extended cab 3.0L/4X4 and the 2010)/ It does truck stuff when needed but commutes just fine otherwise. I have a close friend who bought a Silverado (Black or Midnight Edition?) that was well north of $50k in pricing. That truck is very nice but not 50k nice.

  • Put it in perspective. I paid $47,200 for my daily drivers. All 5 of them. Combined. And that’s counting the new price of the Mazda3 in 2005 and the price of the 2007 Prius in 2013.

    Yes, I’m an anomaly, but for $47K you can get a nice used Tacoma, a nice used Accord for the significant other and have money left over for a toy. Silly.