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Kamil Kaluski June 15, 2018 Mystery Car 13 Comments

On June 17th we celebrate Bunker Hill Day, which is the anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill. “This battle, which occurred in 1775, was part of the Siege of Boston. This siege took place during the American Revolutionary War, which is also known as the American War of Independence” (). The Charlestown section of Boston celebrates it with a parade down Bunker Hill Avenue. There are cook-outs (don’t call them barbecues), prizes for kids, and towing of illegally parked cars. It’s all fun and games and someone always gets arrested. 

It would therefore make sense that today’s Mystery Car be British. But it isn’t. We’ve had too many British Mystery Cars lately. Make and model, please. This one should be relatively easy, I give it an hour.

Last week’s Mystery Car, a GAZ Chaika M13, was solved by , so please bow to him as he’s the Person of the Moment!®©

I spotted this GAZ Chaika in a so-called automotive museum outside of Warsaw, Poland, some years back. The museum can’t really be called a museum as most of the vehicles are in an awful condition. I spoke to the owner/curator and he complained about the lack of funds and doing best with what he had. I didn’t believe him. A Polish automotive journalist friend confirmed that the museum existed because it was a non-profit and was getting money from the government to preserve historic objects. That money sure wasn’t going to the museum. 

Whatever the case with it is or was, I didn’t write a story on it. It was a depressing assortment of stuff from the communist times, spread around old some barns and/or rotting outside. Very few cars were in even remotely good condition or original. It actually made me sad. 

All images: ©2018 Redusernab/Kamil Kaluski, All Rights Reserved

  • AC ACEA, ca. 1958?

  • Number_Six

    Sunbeam Alpine Series IV (produced 1959-1968). Powered by a 1.6l I4, and profoundly jealous of its stablemates’ Ford 260 V8

    • P161911

      I couldn’t find a picture with a clear indicator light inside the grill opening.

      • Number_Six

        Always a turn signal truther lurking out there

        (but yeah, you’re right)

    • I like the strike through, btw., a classy move.

  • GTXcellent

    ’55 Alfa Giulietta

    • Nicolas Bernard

      Damn ! Beat me to it !

    • DoctorNine


      • _2zSWDZPu5X

        no, that is different. Its an Alfa, but I orginally thought Alfa Sprint Speciale. but that is a bit different also.

    • _2zSWDZPu5X

      no, that is different. Its an Alfa, but I orginally thought Alfa Sprint Speciale. but that is a bit different also. so not sure.

    • _2zSWDZPu5X

      you mean this one?? this is a 1959.

      • dukeisduke


  • dukeisduke

    What that GAZ Chaika needs a good LS swap. Richard Rawlings, are you listening?