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Kamil Kaluski June 8, 2018 Mystery Car 5 Comments

The Mystery Car is a weekly feature here on Redusernab, unless I happen to miss a week. And that’s what happened last week. Oops, sorry. To make up for that omission, today’s mystery car feature is really not special at all. Make and model, please. 

But two weeks ago our own  supplied something that has stomped so many for so long. It took two days but  came up with the right answer, and even its full and proper name – Morris Marina convertible made by Crayford for W. Mumford Ltd. Now, wasn’t that simple? Congrats, Mr.Roadrage! 

If you have potential mystery car, send it in – [email protected]! The only requirement is that it is a photo that you took, an original! 

Mike found this beauty (?) at the All-British Field Meet in Vancouver. And then he took the most professional photo worthy of it. It’s interesting that it is a convertible vehicle with a b-pillar and that b-pillar, and its roof part, have a damn window in it. Genius!(?)

  • It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that the same guy also owns the adjacent Austin Marina.

    “… the most professional photo worthy of it.”

    Hey, I think it turned out okay-ish for a Lytro light field camera that I pulled out of a recycle bin.

  • Fuhrman16

    GAZ Chaika M13?

    • stigshift

      AKA the Russian ’55 Packard…

      • Mr.Roadrage

        Yes, it’s definitely a Chaika.

  • Lokki

    Yeah, Russian car sounds about right. I was struck by the Milwaukee-aluminum-siding-company quality of the grill work. By the time Detroit started doing this shoddy quality of work they’d already moved on to using plastic.



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