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Your dreams shall be filled with visions of this hand-built RC Scout

Jeff Glucker March 20, 2018 All Things Hoon 10 Comments

The video is from 2015, but I’ve only just stumbled across it by way of a post today. What we have here is a fully hand-built remote control International Scout. A mixture of wood and foam board, the Scout is incredibly detailed and faithfully recreated. Right down to the bearded driver and his bumper stickers.

All of this artistic RC goodness is the work of . If you head to this channel, you’re going to be inundated with truly excellent RC builds of all shapes and sizes. There is a car or two in the mix, but it’s mostly trucks. The build quality on everyone of them will put a smile on your face.

Prepare to wander down a most excellent RC rabbit hole.

[Source: via Reddit]

  • outback_ute

    Very impressive build, even got the panel gaps.

  • JayP

    For a good 16 minutes, I felt as if someone was sneaking behind my back.

  • How cool is that. I like his sanding booth.

  • smokyburnout

    I was pretty sure I had seen a build from this channel on Redusernab, so I checked and uhhhhh well
    The cat is still cute

    • Jeff Glucker

      hahahaha, good thing Kamil is on vacation or he’d be texting me (correctly) to tell me that I’m an idiot

      • Zentropy

        It was a welcome tip to those of us who missed it the first time, Jeff!

      • You’re an idiot.

    • ptschett

      I knew I’d seen it somewhere but couldn’t place it. I blame the hypnosis from the groovy elevator music.

      • Rover 1

        Not elevator music.
        Underground Martini Bunker Midnight Beach Barbeque Background Music

  • Zentropy

    That guy’s an artistic genius. And insane. I’m impressed.


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