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First Drive: Jaguar E-Pace

Crossovers are currently where all the cash sits. Car buyers want them, and automakers keep cranking them out. That’s how we wind up with a vehicle like the all-new Jaguar E-Pace.

It’s the baby of the Jaguar crossover bunch, but that doesn’t mean it’s simply an entry-level cash grab. Okay, it’s sort of that… but it’s actually pretty good as well.

We trekked to Corsica to sample the new smaller Jag not-a-wagon, and we were more than pleasantly surprised. Under the hood is a healthy Ingenium four-cylinder engine that cranks out 300 horsepower when you get the P300 model.

On-road and even off-road, there’s clearly some Jaguar and Land Rover DNA to be found. While we’d prefer an XE wagon, we’re not getting a lame duck with the E-Pace.

This one might surprise you… it certainly did that for us.

[DisclaimerJaguar put us on a plane to Corsica and then put us up in two amazing hotels. There was food and drink as well. Somehow, they also made the weather act all “British-y”.]

  • Smaglik

    Ahhh…. Corsica

    • My first thought as well.

    • AnamDuine

      I almost didn’t recognize it with all it’s paint intact.

  • zia joaquin

    Makes me think of a bloated, less capable, more luxurious, more
    expensive Subaru Crosstrek. For me, I think I’d take the fun, cheap
    Crosstrek over this. Just my 2¢.


  • outback_ute

    It seems the E-Pace is a bit of a stop-gap model, throw some Jaguar styling on an Evoque and somehow an extra 100kg or so – 1800kg is not great for a ‘compact’ CUV. As much or more than an F-Pace!

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