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Shift Happens: We let Josh borrow a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro
and he hurt himself

Jeff Glucker January 19, 2018 Shift Happens 1 Comment

Occasional Redusernab camera person and camera car driver Josh Ostrander thinks he’s rad. To prove that he’s not rad, we let him borrow a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. He used it to check out his local mountain bike trails.

He quickly proved that he’s definitely not rad. The 4Runner TRD Pro, however, is fairly rad.

It’s basically a factory-built and warrantied off-road rig that is primed to handle your average trail with ease.

  • Josh Ostrander

    I’ll have you know Jeff I am fairly rad. I just got new wheel for my Razor Scooter AND new shin guards thank you very much.


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