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The Superformance Corvette Grand Sport is Modern History

Jeff Glucker September 28, 2017 Cars You Should Know, Featured, Hoonivercinema 3 Comments

You’ll never drive a real one. Chevrolet only built five original Corvette Grand Sport race cars back in the early 1960s. The last time one sold, it reportedly fetched $5,000,000 and that was in 2009. You can drive one of these though; this is Superformance Corvette Grand Sport.

Superformance has the full rights to build these licensed continuation cars, which are basically the same deal as the original Grand Sports. The good news on these cars, however, is that you can choose from one of eight available engines offered up through the GM Performance Parts catalog. We sampled two versions of the car; one with a modern LT1 making 460 horsepower and the other with a Lingenfelter-prepped LS3 producing 500 horsepower. Both versions are loud, aggressive, and in your face.

If we had the dough, we’d happily take a Superformance Grand Sport over any modern supercar. You can be shouty in a Lamborghini, but you’re shouty and you get it when you do so in this vintage racing machine… that just so happens to be brand new.

  • Dan Mosqueda

    What kind of tires are those? They seemed to hold the road pretty well.

    • Jeff Glucker

      Avon tires. I think these are the CR6ZZ if I remember

  • Sjalabais

    You say it’s not cheap, but how does it compare to other sports cars in this price segment? I’d expect them to have worked hard on making these feel genuinely connected to the road, rougher, tougher, and much cooler than, say, an Aston Martin at the same price?

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