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Project Car SOTU 2017: Welcome to our misery

It’s that time once again…

Welcome to Project Car SOTU 2017. For those of you just joining us, this is where we’re going to take the next week or so and give you updates on all of the various project cars that appear on the pages of Redusernab. It’s our State of the Union. We’ve got updates on cars, trucks, and bikes.

Some things have changed, while other things have (sadly) remained stagnant. But that’s the way it goes with project cars. You give love and attention to one, while another might languish in a dirty back lot somewhere in Garden Grove, California. That doesn’t mean you’re giving up, of course it doesn’t… keep your head in the game, this thing is going to happen.

Whoa.. sorry I spaced out for a minute there. Anyway, it’s time to kick of SOTU 2017. 

  • neight428

    Have you considered “State of the Hoonion” or would the interwebs get distracted by “onion”.

    • Mmmm, onion… you have a point.

    • Alan Cesar

      Maybe “State of the Hunion.” Except I mentally pronounce it like “trunnion.”

      The onion option might be better.

    • Jeff Glucker

      That’s pretty good… but I like saying SOTU

  • fede

    I know a post about the wombat is coming (it must be) but I have to ask, with the time that has passed since you started it, does the hemi now need things that it didn’t then? (I’m guessing it hasn’t moved in some years now)