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The sights and sounds of the 95th Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Nearly 13 miles of pavement, and it’s filled with over 150 turns. Now in its 95th year, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb is an event that brings out the crazy in an already crazy world.

All sorts of men, women, and machinery come together to see just how quickly they can blast up this bit of pointed Earth in Colorado.

You start at over 9,000 feet above sea level and the checkered flag waves at 14,115 feet. The air is thin. The engines are working hard to breathe just like the spectators.

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb is an assault of sight and sound.

Shot and edited by SPC Imaging:
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  • discontinuuity

    The music at the beginning reminds me of a Japanese RPG from the ’90s.

  • boxdin

    I signed up for a broadcast they were going to do but never got any notice as they had said they would. Did anyone get to watch any video live or other?



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