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Robert Emslie June 14, 2017 Craigslist Crapshoot 31 Comments

Welcome to Craigslist Crapshoot, our weekly search for the most bizarre, awesome, and/or terrible vehicles that the online classifieds has to offer.  

The end is nigh, and that’s why last week we went looking for Prepper Trucks. When it all goes down and the zombies start pushing up property values we’ll all know the best way to bug-out. We’ll see those in just a sec, but first this week’s quest.
This week is all about unobtainable dreams, or perhaps more accurately, unfulfillable expectations. That’s because what we want to find this week are the most expensive cars that Craigslist or its analogs have to offer in your particular neck of the woods. Classifieds like Auto Trader and even eBay often have pricy rides on them—and don’t get me started on places like the Robb Report—so we going to stick to that old standby, Craigslist.
As always, we want your finds to go down in infamy and not in the site’s spam filter. Since we’ve changed commenting systems, you may need to update your commenter account. Make sure you have a Disqus account – they’re free and easy to get – and then comment away.
Got that? Okay good. Now let’s get prepped!

I have a real issue with most zombie scenarios since they generally break their own rules regarding just how you become a zombie and whether or not, after you do, if you brush between meals. 

Still, should the zombies rise, the economy completely collapse, or Adam Sandler take over all entertainment programming, we’ll be set. We’ll also be mobile.

Let’s start with the described in its ad as a “Self-propelled Tiny House” and brought to us by . That’s pretty sweet but its price proves that there are people willing to profit on society’s collapse. Jokes on them however, as money won’t help them from becoming dinner for some post apocalyptic cannibal family. Not only that, but we’ll all be far away, maybe in the amazing Unimog bulldozer bucket-loader, crew cab 406 brought to us by . Nothing will likely remove the chicanes of dead from daily drive.

If you’d prefer just to drive over the past imperfect and like to enjoy a little vintage style while doing so, then the might just be your cup of tea. Just remember to boil the water first. That Volvo came to us by way of .

Our winner however took the whole idea of comportment to a whole other level. If you’re going to survive the apocalypse then your best bet is to go Army, and  did just that, giving us an with armament! Man, if they had one of these, the walking dead would have been renamed the floating living… in style.

Congrats to I_Borgward and thank you all for your excellent end of the world selections. Now, let’s see what none of us could afford.


  • Sjalabais

    2012 Lexus LFA, #213 of 500, only 2500km, not one picture offered, priced at 716000$:

    That’s definitely Norway’s most expensive, as #2 is a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador at 537000$.

    The amphibious find above is fantastic! Solid winner.

    • Exactly my findings, surprise!
      Note that the Adventurer is a Roadster LP700-4, which makes it worth every single cent øre, I guess. My house was way cheaper than that…

  • ptschett

    $5.8 million and change is a bit steep for a 135,000 mile Mitsubishi Endeavor.

    • Wayne Moyer

      “Look I know what it’s worth. No BS’ing!”

    • Alff

      Those Mitsu’s have great resale value, apparently.

    • Tank

      Is that the price or the VIN?

  • Papa Van Twee

    After skipping obvious typos and click bait, this is the most expensive in Indianapolis at this time. Doesn’t seem like a bad price at $250000 for a ’76 911 (930) with 115k.

  • longrooffan

    Amongst all the craptastic beater Civics and first gen Grand Cherokees priced at $123,467.89 is this true gem. Based on the images and the seller’s other items it is offered by the Celebrity Car Museum here in Branson, MO.

    An original surviving Death Race movie 2006 Mustang with an asking price of $100,000.00.

    Sadly, no mileage or service history is included.

    • Wayne Moyer

      Someone needs to see if one of the vehicles from Death Race 2050 is for sale.

    • Rover 1

      One lady owner?

  • kogashiwa

    Manitoba is a fairly poor province but there’s always a small selection in the six figures. Much of it from this one dealership where this black Ford GT with less than 240km is at:

    A bargain(?) at $459,000!

    • kogashiwa

      Bonus: the most expensive truck, which at $124,900 is more expensive than a 2015 BMW i8 that’s also listed now.

  • I_Borgward

    Thank you for the hat tip, but the glory for finding the amphibious track PTS-10 belongs to P161911. I merely grafted the three-bedroom ranch onto the back.

    Congrats to P161911, I say!

    • Vairship

      You might need it sooner than you think, if the California Senate is to be believed:

  • JayP

    Autotrader limited to 100 miles…

    2003 Ferrari Enzo $3.2Mhttps://images.autotrader.com/hn/c/36ca79fcb7d443a5adbc2bcd252173e3.jpg

  • P161911

    Not local to me, but on my local Craigslist. A 2014 M-B G63 AMG FULLY ARMOR PLATED! for only $250,000

    • Rover 1

      So that’s what that metallic surround on the spare is.

  • P161911

    I’m positive that this is not a scam and obviously the best way to sell your quarter of a million dollar Rolls Royce.

    • I’m positive that people in desire of spending a quarter of a million dollars for a car will often start their quest at atlanta.craigslist…

  • P161911

    This is the most expensive legitimate used (or new) car that I can find for sale locally on my local Craigslist. A 2017 Audi R8 V10.

  • discontinuuity

    $250,000 for an armoured G-wagen

  • Hillman_Hunter

    My city is rotten with money, so I’m surprised at the low ceiling of $379,888.00 on our local buy & sell. For that coin you can get a Lambo Hurancan of questionable provenance (I mean, look at the seller).

  • Lokki

    1970 plymouth hemi cuda 4-speed,unrestored with 36,000 miles – $499000

  • Lokki

    2005 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX WHITE V6 FOR SALE!!! – $9999999

    “i have TEXAS BLUE TITLE in hand and TWO (2) set of keys with remote. no tire tickers, low ballers, or sweet talkers.”

    • Sjalabais

      “Lift kit” totally misunderstood. Dude is not supposed to use his weighs as hand brakes.

  • Manic_King

    Bentley Bentayga which is in neighboring country but still only 200 mls away.

  • Scubie

    In just my city – Wellington, New Zealand… BMW M4 GTS 2016. $NZ299,According to the ad: This NZ New M4 GTS is one of 803 total cars worldwide one of 120 right hand drive models produced one of only 3 brought into New Zealand. Current USD equivalent $217,318

    If I cast my net wider… the whole of NZ… I find a Ferrari 458 Speciale 2014 for $NZ549,900.

  • mrh1965

    I guess muscle car prices have really gone through the roof of late. Do I want this $725,000 ’67 GTO

    or this $205,000 ’70 Monte Carlo with “over $35K invested”?? Seriously, who invests $35,000 into a Chevy Monte Carlo of ANY vintage??

  • Spin

    2016 911 GT3 RS
    16 km

    $299,900 CDN (225734.73 US – 202553.33 Euro)

  • Giordano Giummo

    Itay is very rewarding if you’re looking for expensive cars. After a couple of La Ferrari and a low mile Enzo, something far more eccentric: one owner P400S stored in a posh living room from 1973.

  • Nicolas Bernard

    1981 Ferrari 5112 BB for 160000 €. We don’t often get very expensive cars here in south Brittany.

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