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Car Bros brings us… The Final Race

Jeff Glucker June 13, 2017 Hoonivercinema 20 Comments

The Car Bros are back with a new video, and this one goes deep. It’s a peek at street racing battle between a Ford Mustang and a Subaru WRX STI. There’s clear tension between the two drivers. Yet there is also respect… and lots of shifting.

Power shifting. Slap shifting. The ole automatic back and forth. The manual gearbox caress. The two-handed mega shift. It’s all in here, and more. So many shifts you’re going to need to get a big notebook and fill its pages with new names for shifts you’ve only dreamed one could pull off.

It’s not a happy ending though, as in racing there is always a winner and a loser. Maybe there all losers, but they’re winning because of it. The world will never know. All we do know is that you have to click play and take in… The Final Race.

  • Sandals…really?

    • Exquisite footwork and delicate shifting (mid-flip) go hand in hand!

    • crank_case

      Everybody knows the true secret to great footwork is white socks and loafers.

      • I’m more of a black socks with wingtips and bermuda shorts kind a guy.

  • NapoleonSolo

    Not the first time we have seen reckless driving and violations of motor vehicle laws in a stupid video on Redusernab. There is NO WAY that Burlington Northern Santa Fe cooperated with the video makers to stage this video. Modern railroads are CONSTANTLY conducting programs to raise awareness of railroad crossing safety. This is not a Hollywood staged movie scene with old worn out locomotives with generic markings of non-existent railroads. These guys filmed themselves doing something that is not only illegal but incredibly stupid and setting a bad example while doing it. Yes, I have zero tolerance for this sort of stupidity. Jeff Glucker, it is an incredibly childish and irresponsible editorial decision to glorify life-threatening hi-jinks at a grade crossing with an active freight train. This is on the same level as promoting drunk driving because looks like fun. Grow up, Jeff Glucker.

    • Jeff Glucker

      I was waiting for this comment… that shot is VERY VERY fake.

      I figured it was very clear how fake it was. I almost added a disclaimer, but then figured I didn’t need it because how very very oh so clearly fake the scene to which you’re referring appears.

      • NapoleonSolo

        What does “fake” mean, Jeff? Is it computer generated graphics? Did you BNSF and confirm that they cooperated in the filming of this video on their property? They never would do such a thing, and their website is full of grade crossing accident statistics and programs they operate to raise awareness of the danger in playing with freight trains. At a minimum, you are undermining these efforts and those of Operation Lifesaver, even if the shot was faked (which it clearly was not). This is not a closed course situation and was not done with the cooperation of the BNSF railroad. You showed a video of two cars cutting in front of a moving freight train with crossing warning bells sounding and are endorsing the video’s message that such unsafe driving is cool. Be a man and take responsibility for your editorial decisions, Jeff Glucker.

        • Jeff Glucker

          I’m doing that right now. That’s literally what I’m doing here taking time to respond to you.

          It was definitely fake.

          I can tell from the shot itself that they shot the train and they shot the empty crossing separately. You’re an expert on trains, but you’re not an expert on video I’m assuming (despite your assertion that it was “clearly not” faked).

          I don’t think they got the permission of the train company, because no train company would let that happen. (minus the one that absolutely let the Hoonigan crew shoot that scene for Gym9… despite what you think, and the Forza sticker on the nose of said train) Also, these Car Bros would be arrested for attempting something that stupid.

          You always come in here swinging when shit like this pops up, and I get that its something near and dear to your heart. Also, I don’t think it should be something taken lightly. I mean that.

          However, you need to calm your fucking tone a bit. I said I wouldn’t ban anyone for simply speaking their mind, and that still applies but I’m getting mighty sick of your attitude.

          The shot is a well done fake (well done especially considering what I assume to be a small budget for Car Bros videos). A fake shot of two “idiots” driving in front of a train is not an endorsement of said moronic activity. It’s a dumb shot being used in a funny video on the Internet.

          Your time would be better spent posting links to causes supporting traffic crossing safety and educating then picking fights in the comments on this post.

          I’m a pretty relaxed guy and I’ve never really gotten upset by a commenter here… but you seem like a real asshole. Which is crazy, because you’re actually trying to spread information about an important cause.

          You just go about it wrong.

          Again… the train crossing in the clip is very fake.

          I’d done here now, Napoleon Solo.

          • NapoleonSolo

            “You always come in here swinging when shit like this pops up.” You said it, Jeff. That’s your word, and that’s one thing we can agree on. The ONLY time I have had an angry exchange on this website was the LAST time your site published a video glorifying playing with freight trains. Am I an “asshole” for that? What’s with all the profanity, anyway?

            What’s the difference whether the scene is faked or real if it looks real, Jeff? It’s still calling attention to an making light of a very dangerous and unsafe activity. If you can’t stand the heat and want to throw a hissy fit and ban me, go right ahead. Regular readers will know what you did and why you did it, and it’s a very cowardly threat to make since you have all the power on your side. If you want to add that to your resume, it’s up to you.

            The NEXT time you post a video about cars racing a train across a grade crossing, you will be hearing from me again unless you want to take your ball and run on home.

          • While I’m all ground with your criticism of filming actual last-fraction-of-a-second-crossings*, @_mAiJymmExz:, both the actual “execution” (it wasn’t even trying to look staged) and the humorous context (e.g., ‘shifting by slapping while breaking instead of clutching in flip-flops in a drag race’ and such) reveal an artificial, ridiculous air about it, just like Freddie Frinton is ridiculing alcohol consumption in ‘Dinner for One’ (go watch that if you can accept alcohol being consumed in the first place, it’s a classic in Europe).

            While I’m all ground so far with your editorial decisions, @JeffGlucker, I might point out a designation that’s too soon too harsh. (Picking up editorial decisions, I don’t watch new car review videos a lot, but that’s just me.)

            *) I grew up in a village where a manual full barrier was replaced by an automatic half-barrier. Even a drunken crossingkeeper is more intimidating for school children than a blinking, horizontal 10ft pole. I myself crossed the closed half barriers once, because I was cycling along a road in parallel to the tracks, and continued in parallel to them on the other side whereas the barriers looked “closed” to perpendicular traffic – it just didn’t look closed from my perspective. Others were not as lucky as me indeed.

      • NapoleonSolo

        Want some statistics?

        • NapoleonSolo


          • Andrew Pierce

            How many of those were caused by video editing software?

            • NapoleonSolo

              None were caused by video editing software. How many were caused by people copycatting things they’ve seen on Youtube, Andrew? Maybe one. Maybe two. There were 52 fatalities in California.

    • DoctorNine

      Ummm… dood… Just look at 1:19. It’s fake, bro.
      Relax your sphincter.

    • Thomas Thompson

      Puh-leeze tell me you are not for real. lol

      • NapoleonSolo

        Pretty much fun, but I’d be the friend who steals your keys if your pissed and want to race a train. 😉

        Wonka was on TV tonight, and I watched some of it.

        For a great train movie, see “Silver Streak” but don’t try this at home.

    • crank_case

  • JayP

    Of course its fake. Who eats a corndog like that??
    And in real life, the Mustang wrecks.


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