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Robert Emslie June 2, 2017 Mystery Car 10 Comments

Happy birthday, Olympic gold medalist and Tarzan portrayer Johnny Weissmuller, and likewise happy coronation anniversary British Royal Family top-dog Queen Elizabeth! I generally consider June to be a pretty mundane month, but there are in fact a lot of important events that have occurred during the year’s half-way point. The latest of course is this Mystery Car contest. Make and Model if you want to be part of history.

Image: ©2017 Redusernab/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

  • ktown

    1970s fiat 124?

    • longrooffan

      Came here to say just that but the fender flare on Pop’s 78 124 had a more defined crease between the flare and the fender and the flare appears to be a bit wider.

  • GTXcellent

    ’75-’79 Chevy Nova

  • JayP

    Not a TR6.
    But here’s a nice one to gaze upon.

  • Andrew

    Triumph Stag

    • Rob Emslie

      Annnnnd, BAM! Woot, there it is. Well done, amigo!

    • Rover 1

      Perhaps this one?

      • Rob Emslie

        The one I shot had the star alloys, but otherwise Yup.

  • Triumph TR6?

  • boxdin

    Jag sedan RF ?


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