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Robert Emslie May 12, 2017 Mystery Car 3 Comments

It was 60-years ago today that A.J. Foyt caught his first chequered flag after turning pro, taking the win at a USAC Midget Race in Kansas City Missouri. Let’s see if you can channel A.J. and bring home a win with this week’s Mystery Car contest. Make and model if you feel up to the challenge.

Also, since no one got last week’s Mystery Car, here’s the answer.

Image: ©2017 Redusernab/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved.

  • Hillman_Hunter

    2000ish Porsche Carrera GT, powered by a bespoke V10 and the best exhaust note from a car not named Lexus LFA

    • Rob Emslie

      Holy crap! I thought that wold have been much harder to ID. Well done!

      • Hillman_Hunter

        Well, since most of us have been 0 for the last 51 weeks, it’s about damn time


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