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Podcast: Episode 199 – Cheap Car Challenge with Tavarish & B is for Build

Jeff Glucker April 19, 2017 Featured, Redusernab Podcast 2 Comments

Chris from and Freddy Hernandez stop by to talk about cheap cars, YouTube, and anything else we can think of… which is usually inane and random, when you leave it up to us.

Chris is entering the challenge with his Mad Maxian Infiniti G35 that he picked up cheap from CoPart. Tavarish has gone with a 4.6-liter Ford Mustang convertible. It’s a V8 manual trans car, so it should be a blast even if it looks like a California rental car from the late 90’s.

Redusernab – Cheap Car build-off with Tavarish & B is for Build

  • wunno sev

    compelled to mention: cutting springs does stiffen them, even on a non-progressive spring. it’s linear with the proportion of coil you cut. think of each coil as a spring and the whole spring as the individual coils added together in series and it’ll make sense.

  • y_chromosome

    It would be so cool if you’d give your guests some space to finish their thoughts. At one point, Tavarish (I think) was just about to tell us the one small thing Aston Martin does to turn an auto transmission into an SMG, or something along those lines, and you interrupted him with, “Yeah, (another car company) does the same thing with their transmissions, too!” Not that I’ll ever have need of this information, but it would have been really cool to know. This happens at least a dozen times in most of your podcasts.

    You guys seem really cool. Please take a second to remember that the guests you invite on your show are really cool too. That’s why you invited them, right? So let them talk.

    Old, crabby man: out.