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Bring Back the Skyhawk!

Robert Emslie March 30, 2017 Quick Pics 8 Comments

Only a birdbrain would ever aver that the Buick Skyhawk wasn’t the coolest J-body on the planet. 


  • Hi, my name is Kamil and I’m a birdbrain.

  • Maymar

    I generally agree, but there was a cooler Skyhawk – hatchback, louvers, and pop-up headlights all on the same car!

  • P161911

    Pontiac Sunbird Turbo Convertible

  • For a couple of years, the Sunbird Turbo 4-door was GM’s quickest sedan.

  • Fuhrman16

    No love for the Oldsmobile Firenza? It’s like a Skyhawk, but allows you to go hang gliding (if this ad is to be believed).

  • If you’re bringing back the Skyhawk, you should do it right.

    • Or maybe you prefer an Astroroof?



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