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Ariel Nomad Tactical Plays in the Snow

Some time ago we took a close look at the Ariel Nomad Tactical, the car and all its features. At the time I said that when my friend Baer Connard of  gets one this summer I will be first one to drive it. The summer has come and gone and I never found the time to drive the Nomad. Fortunately Joshua Sweeney from  did find the time. Not on that, his pictures are better than any I could have ever taken and he even shot a video, a vlog as the kids call it these days. 

Hit the jump for some awesome Ariel Nomad pr0n!

Yea, The Nomad is rear-wheel-drive, but does it really need 4WD?

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Josh’s video blog, vlog, shows some Nomad hooning and the requisite drive-thru order. 

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