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Quick Pic: Plain Rally Car

Kamil Kaluski January 17, 2017 Quick Pics 8 Comments

Much like the BMW M235iR, this Ford Focus rally car looks equally great without graphics and sponsor stickers.


  • AFocus ZX3, squeeee!

  • Jason H


    • outback_ute

      Yep, they don’t build a 3-door Focus any more.

      I’d say it looks worse without livery, there is no distracting from the ugly-but-functional add-ons

  • dukeisduke

    With all the lights, it looks like this one is being prepped for next month’s Rally Sweden (Feb. 2-9).

  • THAT is what Batman would really drive.

  • Fred Talmadge

    You have to admit, this would look pretty silly on the street.

    • smokyburnout

      just a little

  • Ross Ballot

    A little subtlety goes a long way…and actually makes it more aggressive looking in the process

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