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CraigsList: The Rare $500 ‘No’

Eric Rood December 27, 2016 For Sale, Terrible Ideas 7 Comments


We’re just not used to CraigsList sellers being so honest, that’s all.

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  • Bonus points for an increasingly archaic use of “dint.”

    • Vairship

      And admitting they have O.B.O. (Offensive Body Odor). This is why texting is the recommended option, rather than going to see the vehicle in person.

    • 0A5599

      I think it happened last time the ox joints were replaced.

  • Rover 1

    We only see these cars in NZ after they’ve passed through Japan, where they picked up a badge change and some strange new market positioning. And yet they go for the same prices here now too.

    • Sjalabais

      “A new form of luxury” – harsh austerity lingo.

      • War. A new form of peace.

  • Tank

    I don’t like these cars… but $500 is a good deal