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2016 Camaro RS V6 Convertible- Is the V6 good enough?

When you think of the Chevrolet Camaro and the V6 you automatically think “penalty box,” but things have changed. Now with smaller displacement and, more importantly forced induction, the lower-tier powertrain options you used to get 10-15 years ago might just be considered the enthusiast’s choice. Still, the Camaro is still one of the last cars to offer a RWD-V8 layout with a manual transmission and that is certainly s good thing.

Living in California, I really enjoy open top motoring, but even higher on my list of priorities are good driving roads. I’ve traveled all over the globe and have enjoyed many different types of cars each with their own driving experiences. Convertibles seem to offer an experience that allows you to slow things down a bit and soak in your environment.

What happens when you are on a road where you wish to speed things up just a bit. We traveled from Southern California up to Big Sur to experience the Pacific Coast Highway with the latest Alpha platform Camaro Convertible to see if the V6 is good enough to really make you want one.

[Disclaimer: Chevrolet tossed me the keys to this Camaro for seven days with a full tank of fuel. I lathered up with sunblock and hit the road even though my head ended up getting sunburnt]

  • Harry Callahan

    It’s silly to argue 300 bhp is insufficient.

    It is equally silly to argue against wanting more.

    If some crack engineer at GM can build a V6 that sounds like a V8, I might be interested.

    • I did clearly say that the power was enough and I quote myself “more than adequate.”

      It’s not silly because the V8 exists and it’s a lot better.

      They don’t, some prefer style and fuel economy and that’s fine. The V6 personally isn’t for me but it’s more than enough for most drivers.

      • He said, “it’s silly to argue against wanting more.” In other words, of course if there’s a V8 that’s what we’ll want most.

  • Fuhrman16

    That is probably one of the best sounding V6s GM has ever made. But 42 grand!?

  • NapoleonSolo

    Real question is, “Is this car ugly enough?” If that was their goal, they sure succeeded. These recent Camaros are just horrible to behold.

  • JBsC6

    Cool ride but the 650 hp ZL1 would be the most fun…then the 455 hp SS and then the 300 odd hp v6 is good too..

    We are enthusiasts so of course we would prefer more power…it’s just a nature of our enthusiasm…

    Driving with the roof off is so great an experience in and of itself….more hp would just add to the fun…