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Last Call: Mask of Greatness Edition

Robert Emslie November 17, 2016 Last Call 9 Comments


I was looking at this wildly modded McLaren and suddenly realized that what it most resembles is a Kabuki Mask. Now I can’t not see that image in its butt.

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  • Rover 1

    All that fabrication work and then no suspension travel at all.

    Because the wheels stick out from the wheelarches so there’s no room to move up without fouling the arch edge

    Pity, otherwise it looks fun to drive.

    • smokyburnout

      bad news: those tires also appear to be mounted the wrong way around
      good news: I’m pretty sure all of that fabrication work was just ‘shopped

      • Sjalabais

        I once crossed the country to buy an “enthusiast” 1998 Volvo 940 – owned by the local Amazon Club president. After driving, flying, driving again, it took me the best part of 15 seconds to find Chinese cheap-o-tyres mounted against their driving direction on this supposed gem. Together with other similar minor flaws, that busted the enthusiast cred, and I could not argue for the high price he was asking anymore. Eventually, I bought a Honda van instead…

  • cap’n fast

    all true, however it is the most wicked ass end i have seen since the six pack of the XB-70

    • Rover 1

      Ah yes

  • Sjalabais

    Spent a couple of days in Germany last week, Soviet machinery pic dump of the “overdo and add heaviness”-style follows. I also finally got to drive an Opel Zafira for a longer distance. It’s the main competitor to my Honda Stream (, ), even though the one I drove was the refurbished, newer version. The Opel’s gearbox has been praised a lot, but I found it to be strangely harsh, and the gear lever moved a lot when engaging the clutch – might not have been like that from the factory. Ergonomics was an issue, too; it wasn’t obvious how to adjust the HVAC even. All stalks were push-and-return, which I really don’t like: Have them stay in a position if something is engaged, so you know where they’re at. The steering was überservoed, very sensitive, and the diesel engage, despite powerful, had a massive turbo lag of almost 2s. Overall, if this had been a test drive, I’d not have bought it. Honda it is.

    • Now this is Redusernab!

      • Sjalabais

        Antique, irrelevant hardware, and comparisons between 15 year old cars? Oh yes. 🙂

  • So VW will lay off 30k people, 23k in Germany alone* – who knew that so many were involved in the criminal activities?

    * The “core” employees, working directly for VW, won’t get a direct blow, it’s just that retired folks won’t be replaced. I guess the high tide of unemployed temporary workers will make your next BMW or Mercedes cheaper other manufacturers more profitable.
    They also plan to hire about 1k other people per year, to accommodate technology shifts.

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