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Quick Pic: Lamborghini Dreams

Bradley Brownell November 10, 2016 Quick Pics 8 Comments


The most beautiful designs came from 1960s Italy, right? That’s something we can all agree on? The Miura might be the single prettiest car ever built. Okay, that’s debatable, but it’s gotta be up there, right? I saw a few dozen of them at Monterey car week this year, but I didn’t see any of them street parked. If I had one, I’d absolutely drive it as often as I could.

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  • Rover 1

    What’s better than one Miura on the street?

    A group of Miuras (Miurae?)

  • Rover 1

    And at least one good quality replica has been made. (Fiero based but look at the work. Transverse LS and G6 six speed.)


    • outback_ute

      How about a Mazda MX5 based one? It doesn’t look bad in photos, I’d be interested to see it in person.

      The closest to street parked I’ve seen was a Miura parked in the bush amongst gum trees at the Mount Tarrengower hillclimb near Maldon Vic, it had been driven on a dirt track to get where it was.

      • outback_ute

        Probably should add the photos…

  • Campagnolo wheels need a comeback. On production cars. Now.

    • Monkey10is

      Cars that DESERVE Campagnalo wheels need a comeback first.

      Seriously; is there any current production model that would rock those wheels with the same insouciant knock-you-dead style as the Lamborghinis, Lancias, Isos etc. of the ’70s? I can’t picture them working on anything now…

      • You know, I’d love to see a set on a C4 Corvette.

  • jim


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