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Craigslist – The Aussie Edition

Joel Strickland November 7, 2016 For Sale 16 Comments

While we do have Craigslist in Australia, it is not widely used as it is in the USA to sell cars.

So I have turned to everyone’s favourites used car site in Aus to bring you these hidden gems currently for sale.

First of our three examples is this iconic 80’s Commodore.

Nicknamed the “Walky” after Tom Walkinshaw, the founder of HSV.  The 1988 Holden Special Vehicle Group A SS was built in limited of numbers of just 750. It was built to allow Holden to homologate the car as a race car in the Group A Touring Car Series. It featured a 5L V8 Engine that put out 180 kW (241 hp) and only came in one colour, Panorama Silver.

Pretty amazing to see one of this still selling for just under AUD $90k almost 30 years later.

Click to see the ad

What is better than an Aussie Ute? How about the ultimate sports ute with ground clearance, All Wheel Drive and 5.7L LS1 V8 under the hood.

This what we Aussie’s call the HSV Avalanche XUV.

Built in 2005 and limited to only 300 units.

This example has only done 22,000 miles (36,000 km) and is not bad value at AUD $45k. Considering the last Aussie built Holden Ute will roll of the production line next year, it would be a nice piece of Holden heritage to own.  See the ad

From Hot Holden’s to Fast Ford’s

Personally I am a fan of fast SUV’s, who doesn’t love an Audi SQ5 or the new SQ7

Down under we even had a go at making our own and it resulted in this the Ford Performance Vehicles F6X

Based on the Ford Territory SUV, think Ford Explorer, Ford’s Performance Vehicle division then took the SUV and fitted a turbo charged V6 engine under the bonnet, a V8 would not fit don’t worry if it did they would have made one.

Brakes and suspension were also updated on the F6X. The engines put out 362Hp (270kw)

This model has done just 83,000 miles (134,000 Km) and currently it is listed by a dealer for $26k, which is not a bad price again considering it was only produced in very small numbers over the period of 12 months resulting in just 229 units built. See the ad .

Now where can I find some extra cash to buy these cars that I really don’t need but really want.


  • Manic_King

    Rear wing on that Commodore is epic 80’s design, I guess it must work aerodynamically, but god is it ugly. I’d remove it after buying and put it back when selling the car.
    All these are great examples of Aussie car world, I’m never been there (will go soon), but as MCM now seems to be the eminent car show from down under, watching it you’d never knew these things exist.

    • JayP

      I follow TUFF Touring Cars on fb and they’re always posting old cars like this – and they’re awesome.

    • Rover 1

      Purely for aerodymamics, the previous model was…

      As originally envisaged the Walkinshaws had the ‘C’ pillar glazing covered which gave very slightly better aerodynamics but that wasn’t accepted by the homologation authorities for Group A. One or two have survived without the glazing as per the original proposal

  • dukeisduke

    The first one reminds me an awful lot of a mid to late ’80s Fox-bodied Mustang. I even get that vibe from the instrument panel.

    • CraigSu

      I’m happy someone else was thinking 4-door Fox-bodied Mustang besides me.

    • Rover 1

      Fox body Mustangs were some of Holden’s competitors in Group A Touring before Ford switched to Sierras.The third picture is from the ’86 Wellington street race with the Mustang in green following a Commodore and a Volvo Turbo

  • Rover 1

    I hate to be that guy but.

    In the Territory Turbos which have a ‘conventional’ longitudinal engine and RWD type ‘chassis’, based on the Falcon, conceptually like a BMW X3 or X5 and NOT like a current Ford Explorer or Escape or Edge. (with their transverse engines and FWD basis). In many ways a better car than the X5 not least because it’s functionally the same but with slightly better handling, and half the price when new. Sadly ‘not invented in America syndrome’ applied,(and perhaps memories of Mercury Capri ‘build quality’ ?)

    There is not a V6 but the most awesome straight six ever made, inexplicably not available in Fords anywhere else and now, sadly, out of production. The DOHC 24 valve VVT Intercooled Turbo Barra inline 6 based on the basic architecture of the USA Ford Falcon six
    Euro IV emissions compliant Ford Australia durability passing Factory outputs of

    Power: 325 kW (436 hp) @ 6000 rpmTorque: 576 N·m (425 lb·ft) @ 2750 rpm

    and in the aftermarket 1400 hp

    • Maymar

      That said, Ford North America did borrow the Territory’s styling pretty blatantly for the Freestyle (which was transverse engined and FWD-ish, borrowing a Volvo platform), and that would eventually evolve and achieve its ultimate form (re. the one people actually bought) as the crossover Explorer. I’m not sure if the crossover Explorer is what Joel had in mind though, since he referred to a V8 (admittedly, a V8 not fitting), since those were only available in the BOF Explorers, and development on those was close to done by the time the Territory hit the market.

      • outback_ute

        The V8 didn’t fit in the Territory because the 5.4 sohc placed a cylinder head (or cam cover) right where the steering shaft ran. There have been V8 conversions done using a Falcon front crossmember which has a rear-mounted steering rack instead of the Territory’s front-mounted. This results in a much narrower track for one thing and I doubt they have the bracing of the Territory subframe, no AWD possibility.

        On another note, all the photos have Carsales watermarks (probably the most popular website for selling cars), so I wonder who is behind Craigslist in Australia?

        • Rover 1

          Craigslist is in NZ. But the photography is better.

          • outback_ute

            Selling the dream?

        • Rover 1

          Yup RWD only. But possible.

          • outback_ute

            At that point you have a Falcon with a Territory body though. Better to stay with the turbo six, there is one in Sydney that has run a 10.1s quarter.

            • Rover 1

              Yup.No other Softroader comes close.

        • I used Craigslist as an example as its a topic we generally refer to on Redusernab.

      • I used Explorer as an example to give context.


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