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Classic Captions Contest: 1963 Devin Edition


Bill Devin was one of the original promoters of what we know as kit cars today. Starting in the mid ’50s, he built a series of fiberglass bodies that could be bolted onto a VW Beetle pan, or used to build a true front-engine sports car with full custom frame and a Triumph 4-banger—or even an American V8! By 1963, when this ad appeared, Bill was also selling complete, turn-key sports cars.

This surf-loving couple seem to be be appreciative of the Devin’s smooth shape. No actually they aren’t even looking at it. What are they looking at? And why are they holding that pose? And why do they need three surfboards? I’m sure you can give us a clever reason, so click through to the comments section and share it.

vintage-kaiser-frazer-1948-adLast week, two comments tied for the most votes. My podcast co-host Eric () wrote:

I hear this new Kaiser is unstoppable in the snow!
Söze say.

That very clever play on the Kaiser name might have gotten more votes if I hadn’t actually mis-identifed the car in the ad, which in fact was not a Kaiser but its badge-engineered sister marque, Fraiser. was kind to point that out, tying Eric’s score in the process:

“You and I know it’s a 1948 Frazer, but everyone else is calling it a Kaiser so just go with it.”

  • dukeisduke

    The alloy wheels there are the same style used on the Fitch Sprint Corvairs.

  • Alff

    “You know, I am having a little success finding modeling work but for some reason I keep being typecast as Superman. I have no idea why.”

  • The Real Number_Six

    Getting three stolen longboards into Jenny’s car was proving more difficult than Chet had expected.

    • smalleyxb122

      “Getting three stolen longboards into her car” will now be my go-to euphemism. Thank you.

    • Alff

      “Honey, this is what us well-hung aspiring authors call a ‘metaphor'”.

      • The Real Number_Six

        And politer than “Chet couldn’t cram all that wood into her tiny boot”

  • Batshitbox

    All I can see is that guy’s kneecap giving me the finger.

  • GTXcellent

    Joe Hardy waited stoically for his brother Frank, acutely unaware they’d soon be involved in a new case: They Mystery of the Opposite Sex.

  • Prince Halibrand

    “Try to hide close behind this surfboard. I’ll just stand here looking nonchalant until your husband’s gone.”

  • “Before we go surfing, let’s agree on whether this is a Devin C or a Devin D. I don’t want to be stuck here arguing for the next six months like those folks over there with the Kaiser.”

    • Alff

      Milk it for all you can.

      • DRIFT TRUCK!!!1!!

  • CraigSu

    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
    “Yep, I can’t remember where the keys to the car are either.”

  • “You know, if we stand here inanimately any longer, this illusion of having an active lifestyle will be shattered”

    “I know. What are these flat oval things, anyway?”

  • Eventually we’re going to have to push it home.

  • CraigSu

    The woman reminds me of Claudia Black, although she was born in 1972.

  • Lokki

    Fiberglass, fiberglass, fiberglass, fiberglass, silicone, wood.

  • rMac

    While one Devin sat there looking sporty and one gazed at some far off dream Mary wished one of them would take her for a ride.

  • Papa Van Twee

    It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie red and shiny Devlin.


    Hey, my Devlin’s down here!

  • Jaap

    “Now. A cars name, starting with a D.”
    “Ehr, Dodge?”
    “Wrong, try again”

  • Vairship

    I tell you, these inflatable surfboards are the wave of the future!