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Freddie Hunt takes his dads cars for a spin up the Goodwood hill

Jeff Glucker November 3, 2016 All Things Hoon No Comments

Freddie Hunt is the son of James Hunt. A product of the late drivers second marriage to Sarah Lomax. Like James, Freddie is possessing of the dashing looks and the ability to drive successfully in anger.  had a great piece on Hunt posted a year ago that gives a bit of an insight into the man that is clearly a chip off the James Hunt block.

Here in the video above, however, it’s just a loving remembrance of one of Formula One’s all-time great entertainers. A man who was given the nickname Hunt the Shunt, yet also one capable of a number of fastest laps, podium finishes, and an eventual world championship in 1976.

Click play above to hear Freddie speak about his father and the cars he drove, and to see some of them in action on the Goodwood grounds.



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