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My Summer Car is now in Steam Early Access

Greg Kachadurian October 24, 2016 All Things Hoon, Tech 1 Comment

My Summer Car, that strange and wonderful-looking summer project car game that Antti’s people gave us, is now available in Steam Early Access on Windows platforms as announced by this new, very Finnish gameplay trailer. Finally, this highly detailed 90’s project car builder and permadeath life survival simulator is available to everyone with a Steam account and a decently-powerful PC, albeit in an unfinished state.

“You have to cast your mind’s eye back twenty years, nearly pre-internet times when young men in Finland had nothing to do except wrench on rusty cars and drink beer. The only good thing that had happened in decades was the ice hockey world championship in 1995, there was nothing good on television except MacGyver reruns and no online car sales ads had been invented yet – so wasting time was incredibly tedious compared to today’s constant stream of entertainment and beaters. The game tries to capture that innocent time, and damn if it doesn’t do it well.” – Antti, certified Finnish person

Steam Early Access means you’re playing the game earlier than the general public, but it also means you’re essentially beta testing the game for the developers who are trying to get it running perfectly for its full release. Basically, My Summer Car is like the digital car you’re trying to build in game – it’s great, but still needs love… your love. It’s for sale on Steam right now for $13.49 and that price includes all future updates and patches, including the final release version.

If you’re not familiar with this game already, check out the original trailer here and check out for an overview. Between the brilliant synopsis they posted on the Steam page, the two trailers we have so far, and the confirmation that saunas are in the game, that’s gotten a lot of us hoons excited about it. You’ll see a Redusernab review on this eventually. Probably from me.

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  • crank_case

    I’m kinda curious to try this out, but I’m a little wary of early access games. Of the three I’ve bought, all three are still early access. I’ve had fun with them (Road Redemption, Next Car Game: Wreckfest, Beam.NG Drive) but all are still in a state of limbo. Not saying don’t buy early access games, but you need to be prepared to accept that progress can be slow and that by the time they’ve finished it, you may already be bored of it.

    If they’ve got it done by the time I’m starting to tail off on Civ 6 (that should be lots of time), they may get my money.


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