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Infiniti Q50S Red Sport 400 – Long name, lots of fun

I wound up using the word “fun” a lot after spending time with the Infiniti Q50S Red Sport 400. That’s because it’s a 400-horsepower rear-wheel-drive sedan that is game for most of the hijinks you’re going to want to throw its way.

It’s not all sunshine and lollipops though, as the drive-by-wire steering setup isn’t great and the gearbox needs some work. Still, there are many smiles and thumbs up to be had behind the wheel of the Red Sport.

This is a car that follows a similar path set by the Lexus GS-F. It’s not as mental as the offerings from Germany and America, but it splits the luxury sport difference and presents a pretty damn sweet middle ground.

[Disclaimer: Infiniti tossed us the keys to the Red Sport sedan and included a tank of fuel. I planned on begging forgiveness for roasting the tires, but the traction control wasn’t as loose as I’d hoped. Sorry?]



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