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Last Call: At The Drive-In Edition

Robert Emslie October 10, 2016 Last Call 8 Comments


In this day and age, this backyard drive in (best parents ever, amiright?) is probably the closest these kids will ever get to the real thing. Next up: “dialing” a phone!

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  • Wayne Moyer

    Today’s lesson. When taking your car to the garage. Remember to leave gas in the tank. In case if your fuel sending unit in the thirty year old wagon isn’t working sp that the mechanic doesn’t spend time trying to diagnose there is no fuel pressure.
    The wagon was sent to the garage because of a heat soak issue after sixteen miles. The mechanic, who I know and trust implicitly, took the car out and goes sixteen miles and car shuts down. He gets it towed back. He starts to tell me that he is getting very little fuel pressure. Maybe he heard me sigh very quietly and then I told him about how I replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and this little hose from the pump that had a hole in it. Then I get “So do you trust the fuel gauge?”
    “No, I just remembered it only had enough gas to get me home but it was showing half a tank”
    “Well that would explain why I heard the pump working but making gurgling sounds. Let me put some gas in it on Monday and get back to you”

    • Batshitbox

      After selling all 4 of my Yamaha XS-650s to a guy and explaining that I couldn’t get the one going after the top end rebuild, I was sweeping up my now empty garage when I found the one-gallon gas can I had filled to put in the rebuilt bike. It was still full, so I correctly diagnosed the non-starting problem and called the new owner with the news. Saw that bike all over town until moved back to Boston a couple months later.

  • GTXcellent

    So MiSSus GTXcellent and I spent last week on a little vacation road trip with the SS driving around northern Wisconsin and the UP. Just under 1400 miles, and we averaged 23 mpg – a good chunk of that time was driving around Duluth and Marquette – and this car HATES city driving. So I would say that wasn’t too shabby. As far as the car itself, greatest road car I’ve ever experienced. The seats are really, really comfortable with absolutely zero fatigue. Perfect size – not too big or too small. We got on some back, back, twisty roads. Put her in ‘Performance Mode’ and drove it as hard as I ever have – the car had a lot more to offer than I had to give! I love this car, and I’ll say it again and again – if you’re thinking about getting one, DO IT!

    As a side note, I have never seen so many Subarus in my life as I did in northern Michigan. They were EVERYWHERE. And all models too. Crosstrek, Legacy, Outback, Impreza, WRX, BRZ, all of them. Interestingly though, never saw a Subaru dealer. Where did they come from?

    • GTXcellent

      Ah, a final note I forgot about. Where we live we do not have hills. Or really terrain of any kind, so my hill driving with a manual is pretty limited, although not a complete virgin.

      I have never driven a manual transmission before with a ‘hill hold’ feature – what an advancement! No slipping, no need to aggressively ride the clutch just to make sure you don’t roll backwards into the joker behind you who pulls up needlessly close. Just go. Did I mention that I love this car?

      • Ayreonaut

        Driving through the mountains in a 20 year old 4 cylinder wrangler with a stick is NOT fun, I will tell you that.
        Hill assist would be nice for that thing

    • Ayreonaut

      That’s how cny is everywhere. Can’t walk a block without seeing two foresters and a crosstrek.i have no idea where the Subaru dealer is though.

  • JayP

    Took the Vic to a shop for a slipping torque converter. At 40mph on a a slight grade, it slips and at one point was BAD. This is the first time I’ve been to a shop except for state inspect in 5-6 years. Burned too many times. But here we go…

    I’d read and watched enough to know the process for a trans flush. 14q capacity but the TC doesn’t have a drain. Maybe 6q in it. But I didn’t want to spend my day on my back, covered in Mercon V. And most for the panther guys who had had this issue said the flush worked.

    Got a call about 3 hrs later it was done. Pick it up, drive it and find the shudder is still there but better.

    Check the parts list – I was charged for 6q. I figure they changed the filter and topped it off. I stopped yesterday and asked. The guy said they drained out all the fluid, added the amount to fill. Some “computer thing” only charged me just 6q. But its $7 a quart. and they’re losing $50-60 by not working out the “computer thing.”

    I’m taking it to another shop for another opinion. My son said I should install a manual.

  • Sean McMillan

    Soooo, I live near Charleston, SC. As some of you may know, we had a bit of a hurricane this past weekend. I wasn’t initially worried about it, but as it drew closer and failed to weaken or veer away from us we decided to evacuate. Friday morning we loaded my wife, myself, our 3 cats and our most cherished things and ran for the hills (technically the mountains, Asheville, NC, we already had concert tickets for Monday and our niece lived there, so we extended the visit). Six hours of stop and go on the interstate, a period of torrential rain and some mountain passes later we finally pull up to her apartment and the left front brake starts grinding horribly. Sometime during the trip the outer pad disintegrated. All the other brakes look fine, but that pad was gone and the rotor is scored pretty badly. (I thought it was struggling a little too hard on one of those inclines, must have been dragging it) Limped it to an autozone the next day, borrowed some tools to do an impromptu brake job in the parking lot and saved the weekend.
    Kicked around downtown the next day, bought some records, joined in the annual zombie walk ( my wife wore her T-rex costume, it was hilarious). Saw Sigur Ros last night. Phenomenal.
    Finally made it home today to minimal damage aside from one piece of siding and a few trees down and an angry possum that has moved in under my house.
    Fortunately the water didn’t get too high because I had to leave my Lancer at home. I was really worried about that when they started talking about 8 foot storm surges.

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