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This is a Porsche GT2 getting a flat on the Autobahn at 207mph

Jeff Glucker September 28, 2016 All Things Hoon 9 Comments

Code Brown?

Yeah… definitely Code Brown.

  • Papa Van Twee


  • Rover 1


    When you come up behind someone in the outside lane and flash your lights, they promptly indicate and move over. (0.23 – 0.26)

    Has this happened anywhere else?

    • JayP

      Gotta say, the Germans give a shit about driving. I spent a few weeks in western Germany when my brother was stationed at Kaiserslautern.

      I LOVED IT. The other drivers appreciated attention. I took that 1.6 Vectra for all it was worth which was 200kph. To a car, they moved over to let me pass as I came up to them.

      Counter- Northbound 121 tollway today. 70mph limit I pass a gal in a honda going 60 in the left lane. I let up beside, tootle my horn to announce my displeasure and summarily press the hammer to gain the advantage of the left lane.

      Miss Facebook let me know she was the queen of the left lane by giving me the “finger” then crossed 3 lanes to make an exit. America.

      • crank_case

        America sounds pretty much like Ireland sadly..

        Driving in Germany, hovering around 140 – 160kph which is the sort of speed you end up going back to over a long stint (used to have to 3-4 hour drives over the border to France for work) is totally serene and uneventful.

      • CruisinTime

        I was stationed at Kaiserslautern back in the day.

  • outback_ute

    I wonder if this was a deliberate test, given the helmets and open road? My brother in law was involved in some testing years ago and saw this sort of speed – would have to ask if they wore helmets, but no planned destruction was involve there.

    • Cabinboy

      What helmets? Or was that sarcasm?

      • outback_ute

        Ok, I had only seen the preview image and it looked like they had helmets, I’ve now seen the video on my laptop and obviously not the case. Due to the prominent Pirelli wording of the title I clearly drew wrong ideas, like it was a demonstration of how well the tyre performed.

        Otherwise, does the driver think that tyres don’t puncture (or fail) sometimes? Why would the brand make a difference?

  • I’ve had a flat going [REDACTED], but this…



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