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Diecast Delights: A Porsche Carrera GT in 1:18 Scale.

Chris Haining September 12, 2016 Cars You Should Know, Diecast Delights 5 Comments

I just wanted it. There’s no other rhyme or reason. I have the McLaren F1 because it was pivotal in the very genesis of the hypercar as we know it, I have the XJ220 because it combined massive power with massive elegance and, well, massiveness. I have the F40 and F50 because The Best Of The Best… although none of the more recent ultimate Ferraris particularly pique my interests.

The Carrera GT, though. V10, semi-exposed engine, midship configuration. It’s more like their early ’70s Can Am offerings than any Porsche road car. I guess that’s why I like it. It doesn’t matter anywhere near enough for me to spend £££ on the Autoart model of it, though.

Just as well the Maisto offering is so good.

All images can be bigged up with a swift click.

Maisto has actually made two versions of the Carrera GT. They modelled the concept show car and also the road car, which you’re looking at in these images.  Unusually, in the case of the GT, the concept wasn’t as good looking as the actual production variant. And when I say ‘production’, we’re actually talking about less than 1300, though to think that there are that many of these megabuck machines out there is a hard concept for me to get my head round.

Fortunately, this one can be had for about £15.

I don’t go around measuring things to check scale, because I’m not really sure I care. Most important to me is whether a model looks the part, and this very definitely does. The proportions look right compared with all the images I’ve looked at while the stance of the car looks right, too. The black paintwork is even and has a decent lustre.

Headlamps are well modelled and lifelike, too, while the front mounted radiators are convincingly moulded with individual fins.

The wheels and tyres are beautifully resolved, with Michelin Pilot Sport branding. They’re also embossed with the legend “experimental use only”, a fascinating detail which points to the prototype for this car being a pre-production test car. The carbon ceramic brake discs are modelled, too, as are the yellow Porsche-scripted calipers.

Another detail I really dig is that the wheel hub nuts on the right hand side are blue and those on the left are red. This is in keeping with the production car, where they are anodised in different colours to prevent miss-installation.

Things bear reasonable scrutiny out back, too, with the cookie-cutter exhaust outlets detailed, although perhaps not with the greatest of precision. The panel they project through isn’t quite true to the original, either.

The rear spoiler on the original rises and lowers, too. This one, alas, doesn’t.

Check out the engine, though. This is probably the most impressive aspect of the entire model. The open mesh cowlings didn’t quite make it into the model; the engine cover makes do with patterned transparent mouldings. They look convincing, though.

And the engine bay itself is superb. The induction manifold covers are cast with the Porsche script, there’s something approaching a carbon-fibre effect finish to the surround, and everything is in its right place. If we were to be really harsh, the biggest faults are that the coolant filler caps are the wrong shade of blue, while the pushrod suspension dampers are the wrong shade of red.

It helps to make amends for the model’s biggest failing – its interior. Maisto hasn’t quite managed to capture the subtleties of the 1:1, not in shape, nor finish, nor colour. The details are actually all there, but the scaling is all to pot. That gearstick, for example. The shaft is about the same diameter as a can of beer and the gearknob is the size of a lettuce. Not good.

But overall the positives win through in some style. The Maisto Carrera GT road car is a decent way to commemorate the least Porsche-like of all the Porsches. For £15 on eBay you can’t really go wrong.

(All images copyright Chris Haining/Redusernab 2016)





  • Rover 1

    When Maisto gets it right it makes you question why other companies charge so much.

    Specially now when they’re foisting non-diecast ‘resin’ with no opening parts on us.

    • Yep. I don’t / won’t go down the resin route – until OTTO makes a series 2 825 Fastback. Then, bitterly, I’ll buy one.

      • Rover 1

        That’s why I have their S1 Espace and E60 W124. Then Minichamps brought out an E320. I don’t think anyone else is going to make a BX either.

        • NOREV sometimes come up with the goods, but I was very disappointed by their Mk3 Ford Capri, the proportions seem well out.

          • Rover 1

            Yeah. The whole greenhouse is wrongly proportioned.


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