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Apple’s New iPh-Just kidding, here’s a crazy-ass hillclimb car

Jeff Glucker September 7, 2016 All Things Hoon 3 Comments

Hill climb cars are insane beasts designed with the singular purpose of going from Point A to Point B in the most manic way possible. That route isn’t a straight line either, mind you. A hill climb is a rising chorus of twists, turns, drop offs, houses, people, and pretty much anything else that can make your drive more treacherous.

The car above is an Alfa Romeo 4C… at least it was once. Now, it’s a 600-horsepower demon that wants to make Italian sex magic to any bit of tarmac it can find. It does this with all that extra power, quite a bit of added downforce, and a longer wheelbase over the stock car.

Hit play and prepare your ears for rainbows to shoot out of them.

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  • Batshitbox

    You know it’s Italian because color keyed racing tape.

    Ooo! I don’t know why I just thought of this, but what if we made plastic covers for your Roomba that looked like hill climb cars?

    • Monkey10is

      Now there’s an idea…

  • HuntRhymesWith

    Interesting that it has such big tires. They look almost like drag slicks.