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Pile of 912 Shaped Rust Sets New Record for Seller Optimism

Tim Odell June 14, 2016 For Sale 30 Comments

Beverly Hills Car Club has a reputation for stocking classics and exotics in “ambitious” project condition, to put it lightly. This latest listing for a raises the bar in terms of optimistic seller description and pricing at $3,950 obo. We sometimes jokingly ask if a car’s spent the last decade at the bottom of a lake, but this really looks like it might have. Actually, it looks like it rolled down a hill into a lake, where it sat for a decade. Look, if you’re selling what’s left of a car as a parts donor, just identify it as such. Or save us all the trouble; break it down into its constituent parts and list each one on eBay.

Instead, we’ve got a…

Porsche 912 Short Wheel Base Coupe with matching numbers with a dark blue exterior and black interior. Complete with the engine and transmission and carburetors. The engine alone as you can see from recent ebay listings for around $3,500. Great value. Will make a strong parts car.

Um, no. Surveying the commendably complete photoset, it looks like one might salvage the wheels, a few pieces of glass, parts of the seats and the shifter handle. I refuse to believe the engine and trans aren’t seized solid and the carbs wouldn’t disintegrate upon cleaning.

Maybe I’m way off base and there’s nearly $4k worth of parts to be pulled from this literal heap? Maybe our resident Porsche guy can weigh in.

  • Wayne Moyer

    Come see Gravedigger smash some German metal!!!
    WHILE BEING DRIVEN BY A 91 year old World War II vet!!!!!

    • P161911

      I think that might be what has already happened to this car, but the WWII vet was only 71 at the time of the crushing.

      • Ted


  • smalleyxb122

    No, there is not $4k worth of parts there, but there might be $4k worth of vintage Porsche.
    Old air-cooled Porsches, even the lowly 912, are worth more than the sum of their parts. It isn’t inconceivable that this could be restored by replacing everything but the VIN for less than the resulting vehicle would be worth.

    • But what value does a “clean” ’67 912 VIN have?

      • Lokki

        I was curious about the value after your question – According to Hagerty Classic Car Insurance, the best 1967 912 ever- the one God would drive himself give to Jesus on his 16th birthday if he was that kind of father – is worth just shy of $80,000. Since this car could never, no matter how much you spent, reach that level, the best it could fetch (as a excellent “#2”) after Michelangelo did his bit would be about $50,000.

        I can’t stop giggling about the seller’s “matching numbers” claim – that’s like saying a corpse has all its own teeth.

  • CruisinTime

    Ran when parked,needs TLC.

    • Wayne Moyer

      No low ballers. I know what I have.

      • karonetwentyc

        Will trade for sand rail jet ski quads dirt bikes etc tell me what u got

      • Joe Btfsplk

        Darn right! Some further research into the past history of this jewel shows proof of purchase by one “Rag’in” Roger Redbottom. You may recall his role as the talking mailbox in the film “From Here to There” in 1981.

  • PaulE

    Interesting sculpture: How many times did the seller have to try to rearrange the parts like a house of cards so the whole pile didn’t fall apart before pictures were taken? “Okay, nobody BREATHE until we get some pictures…”

  • Wayne Moyer

    Couldn’t you just take those parts and attach them to a VW Bug? I mean it would be the same thing.

    • Citric

      I suspect you couldn’t only because you would have them fall apart in your hands.

  • desmo

    Please look what I stumbled upon, when I searched for 911 wrecks. A “Porsche 911 HLS”.
    It looks like an odd mix of 911 and 924. It`s a real one. Here is the story of this rarity:

    • HuntRhymesWith

      Future Encyclopedia Hoonatica post: retractible roofs (excl. planes).

    • Citric

      Does it turn into a minivan at the push of a button?

    • Van_Sarockin

      That looks a great deal like a VW Puma. The windshield/roof/entry assembly would make for a very flexible chassis and reduce its racing utility.

    • nanoop

      I don’t get the news, please somebody correct my understanding of this:
      In 1966, a university took a 2yo sports car to make it a sports car (design project). So the chassis/VIN is real (a 1964!), but the body has nothing to do with Zuffenhausen.

      • Lokki

        Well if it does have anything to do with Zuffenhausen they’re smart enough to deny it.

  • Alff

    Rusty when parked

    • cap’n fast

      at what depth in the Pacific Ocean was it parked???

      • cap’n fast

        oh yes, it was found next to the jeep ‘2a…..

  • kogashiwa

    obligatory “that’ll buff right out”

  • Sjalabais

    I’ve seen this one before. A search for “rusty 912” on BaT nets so much overpriced garbage, it’s not even funny anymore. On the other hand, I envy the people who can spend mental amounts of money on this, let someone else fix it, and then show it off as theirs.

  • Error in last line of story:

    Maybe our resident Porsche guy can weigh it in.

    Fixed that for you.

  • dukeisduke

    I know I saw this thing months ago (maybe a year ago) as a sidebar ad on the HMN Daily blog. I’m pretty sure they had an equally rusty 911, too (actually I think it was worse). Hell no, this thing’s not worth $3,950.

  • This is far from the priciest basket case I’ve seen. I recall a very low miles but completely rusted away 1969 SS / RS 396 Camaro that was on eBay for well into 5 figures. Even the trunk lid was significantly rusted through. Then there was a Porsche 356 that some famous politician had owned and raced. I don’t think it had a drive train or any paint left. Nothing but rust and, again, a solid 5 figure sale price. Both were on eBay, I think, so the auctions are long expired, unfortunately.

    • Here’s the 356. $57K.

    • Camaro evidently was bid to $24K.

  • Ahem,

    Does this look like $153K?