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Two Gals at the Same Time: $15,000, OBO

Tim Odell June 9, 2016 For Sale 6 Comments

1966 ford galaxie convertible for sale

Convertibles only make sense if they’re very small or very large. If not a Miata, S2000, all the British ones, etc., then chopping the top massively compromises the sportiness of the car it’s based on. If we’re not carving corners, then we might as cruise (or blast in a straight line) in comfort with a few friends onboard. If you’re going big, then you need a proper big block. Thus: these full-size ’66 Ford Galaxies are a most optimal choice.

Now, when talking about a big-block powered full-size cruising machine, there’s one last choice to make: stick shift or auto? On one hand, manuals are always better and more fun. On the other, sometimes you just want to cruise, and it’s not like you’re nailing heel-toe downshifts on your way into The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca. (Note: if you take a stick-shift full-size classic convertible through The Corkscrew, but better damn-well send us pictures or video). Regardless, there’s no need to chose here, as you get one of each!

Things get interesting as we get to the condition on these. Forgive the cliche, but these are in pretty impressive “barn [ok, not a barn] find” original shape. If you’re interested in a proper restoration of either, the legit “Q code” VINs and numbers matching parts will matter to someone later on. Keeping the cliche train coming, these really do look like the kinds of vehicles one could make money on if they don’t need too much metal work. I’d probably spruce one up as much as possible, then sell it to fund the build of the other.

  • CruisinTime

    Sometimes I wish people would sober up before they post, this old tired iron is not worth much.

    • CruisinTime

      Maybe it was soaking in Salt Lake?

      • dukeisduke

        They look rust free – if they’ve been in Utah, rust shouldn’t be a problem.

    • A complete, 428-powered, numbers-matching 4-speed Galaxie convertible for $7500 is not cheap, but if not massively rusty is probably in the ballpark of the right price. Based on what I see on eBay and Hemmings, it’s worth about $20-25k “done”.

      I don’t see any obvious signs of rust in the pictures and the seller doesn’t mention it. Yes, it might be Swiss Cheese, but it not like anyone would buy a pair of vehicles like this without inspecting it first.

      • CruisinTime

        With labor rates at $60.00 per hour and up you would have to do it yourself. Much cheaper to buy one ready to go.

  • dukeisduke

    I know that one is a 7 Litre convertible – a 63 as the third and fourth VIN positions, but the pictures are confusing. One car has the 7 Litre emblems on the front fenders, where they’re supposed to be, but on the other looks like it has them on the rear quarters, which isn’t correct, as far I can tell. It’s too bad that he doesn’t include a picture of the other VIN plate. There were only 2,368 convertibles (and 8,705 hardtops), according to this:

    The 7 Litres are the equivalent of the Impala SS 427 – the top of the heap, performance-wise.


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