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A Copy of a Lotus Seven Clone Nets a Bargain

Tim Odell April 19, 2016 All Things Hoon 5 Comments

lotus seven clone for sale

For some songs, the eclipses . Such is the case with the Lotus Seven. Lotus produced the from 1957 to 1972, selling about 2500 units. Since then, Caterham took over production of near-complete kits. As the Caterham kits proved too expensive for some, the “” and “” came to be, as well as other kits. Today’s example is an “ clone”, and it’s not clear if they mean it is an S1 clone of the original Seven (from noted clone/replicar maker Superperformance) or just a clone of the S1.

Simply put, the looks are a bit off. The tapered fuselage and curved windshield might offer some aerodynamic advantages over the original shape, but they end up more on the fiberglass-kit-car-ordered-from-the-back-of-Motor-Trend end of the spectrum than continuation classic.

All that said, with a Buy-it-Now of $8,500 (and presumably a reserve a little lower), this might still be a great bargain. For that price, you get a Toyota motor good for mid-high double digits hp with the T50 transmission and rear axle that accompanied it in its original late-70s/early-80s Toyota donor. Unless constructed of depleted uranium, the chassis weighs next to nothing, so that Toyota drivetrain could still deliver a great driving experience for the price…so long as the conversation doesn’t shift to used Miata prices.



  • OttoNobedder

    II had some Malibu Lights in my front yard like these headlites

    Im glad he took care of the import stuff:

    Blinker Wiring extensions Installed on 2/27/16

    license plate frame Installed on 2/27/16

    New Pedal Covers Installed on 2/7/16

    Fuse box cover Installed on 2/1/16

    New Rotor button Installed on 2/1/16

    New Fuel Pump Spacer Installed on 1/10/16

    A stickler for details…

  • Batshitbox

    I didn’t know Wonderbug had an inbred British cousin! Is it a Lotus Schlepen?

  • crank_case

    Used Miatas make great 7 donors though..

  • oldcarjunkie

    I’d run that as is. There are hop up parts for the 3TC motor but I’ll bet it drives great as is. The nose is a little funny but it probably needs to be taller to cover that taller than a crossflow Ford Kent or Austin A-series engine that the real Lotus examples were typically fitted with. I’d likely change the rear tail lights if it were to be mine but otherwise looks like a great deal on a super fun car experience.

  • Van_Sarockin

    If not a fright pig on close inspection, it sounds like a screaming deal.

    Don’t like the blobby fiberglass bodywork? Well, go buy some sheets of aluminum and a pop rivet gun, and go at it.



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