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Catch Blipshift’s Apex Everything 2016 sale

Greg Kachadurian April 1, 2016 All Things Hoon 5 Comments

blipshift apex everything 2016 big wide grid v2

Our friends at Blipshift, makers of awesome driver-friendly shirts and accessories, are kicking off their annual Apex Everything sale today. That’s no April Fool’s joke. This sale brings back twenty classic designs in restomodded (redesigned) form which can all be ordered at once as well as some sweet bonuses for those that act quick.

Of those twenty restomodded designs, all are available as tees, long sleeves, hoodies, and even posters. These are designs which haven’t been sold in at least six months (some even longer than that), so once this sale is done, these are likely gone forever. Again. They typically sell designs one-by-one so this is a rare opportunity to pick up multiple designs you may have missed. Additionally, all Blipshift accessories are 20% off and they’ve added Note Car(d)s to fulfill your various office space needs in style.

The sale is live now (as of posting) and runs through Monday, April 4th at 11:59 PM EDT. The first 500 orders get a free 2016 Apex Hunting License luggage tag (also available for purchase) and buying five shirts will net you a coupon for a free shirt to use after the sale ends. Head on over to or use that handy Blipshift banner up there ^ to get in on the goodness.

  • Viktor

    You may want to check the spelling on the link in the last sentence one more time 😉

    • Greg Kachadurian

      (ty, fixed)

  • jeepjeff

    I went “Oh! Need that one!” three times, and then realized I’d summarized my automotive year thus far. Those would be “Murica”, “Heaven” and “d.n.eff”


  • nanoop

    What the Fuchs, Enzo who, Good carbs, and moar power for me. The kind folks of BS usually throw in some extra swag, that makes it even easier to be a returning customer.

    • dukeisduke

      Yep. I’ve got four or five BS shirts hanging in my closet, including a couple of long sleeve shirts for winter. I wore Bella Alleggerita today: