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Just a Reminder, They Built This For Us

Robert Emslie March 22, 2016 Quick Pics 17 Comments


It’s been more than a quarter century, but it’s always good to remember that Chrysler once offered a show car that was likely the most audacious, no-holds-barred, balls to the wall, middle finger in the face of conformity ever conceived. And then they went ahead and built it.


  • Yeah, and more importantly, the Intrepid!

    • karonetwentyc

      And the other LH cars as well!

      It just occurred to me that there’s a book waiting to be written from that idea: “How Renault Saved Chrysler’s Bacon: The Decade Before Daimler”. Hmm…

      • Rover 1

        Also titled ‘How Running a Winning Formula One Team By Being First With New Technology Teaches How to Save An American Auto Company. by François J. Castaing (retired).

    • ptschett

      Viper was one of the tests for the project management method that Chrysler used through the rest of the ’90’s, after the takeover by of AMC.

  • BigRedCaveTroll

    Whenever I see a Viper driving by find myself stopping and staring at it. Not so with Corvettes, even though they are arguably a better car. Maybe it’s because of the Viper’s low production numbers or its reputation, or maybe because I’ve owned a 2005 Corvette before, but the Viper just seems more special.

    • CraigSu

      Of course, there’s always the unique sound of that V-10. If you’re accustomed to engine noises that one definitely gets your attention because it’s rarely heard.

      • BigRedCaveTroll

        It is an…interesting…exhaust sound.

        • CraigSu

          True, but I think of agricultural in an early Lamborghini V-12 sort of way. Also, the agricultural sound is very guttural and visceral, which made it perfect for dropping into the Dodge Ram pickup.

  • CraigSu

    One of the few cars besides Saabs that wear 3-spoke wheels very well.

  • Ross Ballot

    The Viper is at the top of my want list. Preferably late 90s GTS (or a new 4th gen.) but I’m not picky. It also explains why I love the Cobra so much…same mantra.

  • MarkT

    Cuz America!

  • mve

    It doesn’t look a day over 15! The guys on Top Gear always used to talk about poster cars, and this one is right up there for me.

  • Tiller188

    Y’know, that really is a good point. There aren’t many concept cars that make the transition from concept to production as faithfully as the Viper did, nevermind that it did it while also being a completely bonkers, balls-to-the-wall concept to begin with. Chrysler does deserve a lot of credit for that.

  • tonyola

    Another concept that actually saw its way to the production line, but this time with less than stellar results.

    • Rover 1

      Or a another car first shown as a concept which actually shares some parts in the handbrake assembly with the Viper, (and the Renault 25)

    • karonetwentyc

      In a similar vein, I present the following. Sometimes going more or less straight from concept to production without considering the execution isn’t necessarily the greatest idea.

      • mzszsm

        I like all of those, even looked into buying the top one, I’m glad they were made!