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Hayabusa Powered Locost would Make a Fine Daily Driver

Tim Odell January 21, 2016 For Sale 7 Comments

hayabusa swapped lotus 7 cloneLotus 7 clones, be they the more legit Caterham or much more DIY-y versions tend to max out the performance-per-dollar scales. They typically tip the scales between 1200 and 1500lbs, so it doesn’t take much in the way of horsepower to make an incredibly quick ride. Luckily, today’s example does’t have to make excuses for itself, sporting a nearly-200hp and gearbox. It puts power to the ground through a Toyota Celica rear diff and a set of 14″ Hoosier slicks. The seller lists a ton of other details of upgrades for hardcore autocross performance, as well as boasts of regularly getting fastest time of the day.

Obviously, as-configured it’s only street legal if you declare your driveway to be its own sovereign state. That said, with the addition of a few lights you could probably get a small-volume exemption/individual constructor’s title in some of the more permissive states.

Bidding’s currently at $4,555 with an unmet reserve and three days left. Like I said above, it’ll shame vehicles costing 10x that much, but given that you have to trailer it everywhere and chassis/suspension spares aren’t necessarily just an Autozone away, it’s hard to image forking over significantly more than the current price.

  • CruisinTime

    Just a glorified Go-cart , and I really want to take it for a Hoon or two.

  • dukeisduke

    Does anyone sell Hayabusa “crate” motors, or do people usually just yank them out of a bike? This sounds an opportunity.

    • 0A5599

      I think the number of riders who think they can handle a Busa vastly exceeds the number of riders capable of actually doing it. The subsequent crashes result in twisted frames and cracked plastic, both pointlessly expensive to repair, leaving behind the powerplant as the most salvageable item.

  • jeepjeff

    Ooh. Nice. I want one of these, but not one that someone else built. This one is cool, I just wouldn’t want to have to explain that “no, I didn’t build it myself” (first: building it myself would be at least half the fun of owning it and second: it would come up a lot, because by now all my friends expect that when I show up with something custom, I built it).

    • My solution would be to sell that engine and install something along the lines of a Renault Cléon-Fonte in its place. My friends would then assume I had built the whole thing myself without ever bothering to ask.

      Actually most of my friends have already learned to stop asking me about cars anyway. Problem solved.

      • I_Borgward

        There are times when the only questions I’m asked about cars is when one of my friends breaks theirs.

        This week:
        a) My clutch is toast! Heeeeelp!
        b) My car sounds like a Lawn Boy! Is it the muffler? Haaaalp!
        c) My car runs like poop when it’s warmed up! HELP ME

        • I_Borgward

          And of course, one of my Volvos is jealous and has just started acting up. Meh.



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