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For Sale: Acura Integra Type R Rally Race Car

Kamil Kaluski January 11, 2016 For Sale 9 Comments

Integra rally car upclose

The limited edition Acura Integra Type R is much more limited now than ever due to ridiculous theft. Its prices have always been holding steady, but are now beginning to climb, as we have recently seen. Forty-three grand is a lot for Honda which won’t likely be driven much, but to each his/her own.

But here we have something different, and something a lot more affordable than that stock Championship White car that spent its life in a bubble. It’s an Integra Type R that has spent its life doing what it was designed to do – it’s a !

From the:

– 2000 Acura Intergra Type-R #1154 Supercharger Rallye car with only 99K miles.

– One of a kind,Amazing tarmac handling (3rd overall at 10’ Rally TN!!). Great balance on gravel/snow. Meticulous maintenance.

– Super reliable and inexpensive to run.


B18C5 original motor, never opened, mobil1 since new, changed after EVERY rally (water pump, cam belt all OEM parts)

Jackson Racing Supercharger with 10psi stepped pulley setup

AEM Fuel rail / RC 440cc injectors

Koyo Aluminum Radiator

Poly Engine mounts

Big tube header into metal-core motorsport catalyst into 2.5” SS exhaust. This catalyst has an actual FIA number on it!

Hondata ECU tuned on a dynopak

Run on Sunoco 260GT 100 octane racegas ONLY since supercharged/tuned (=reliability)


Type R 5spd original gearbox/diff (redline oil changed EVERY rally. Shifts perfect. Never opened)

Exedy race clutch


Sparco steering wheel

Sparco Pro2000 driver, EVO co-driver seats

Autometer boost/vac gage

Aluminum foot boards

NAV light

Nitestar NAV computer

Helmet net


Nissan/Infinity Q45 Aluminum wheels 15×6.5” (very strong, light, and inexpensive)

ARP extended wheel studs


Adjustable custom aluminum shocks just rebuilt

Eibach/Hypercoil/helper springs

ball joint/custom rear suspension arms


Carbotech XP10 pads

NEW caliper pins, rear rotors, and pads. Front’s are 2 snow rallies old.

Hydraulic Wilwood handbrake

Goodridge braided stainless lines


Safety Devices MSA/FIA cage (Rally America log book compliance to FIA 253)

Seats, Sparco Pro2000 & Evo

(2) 5# fire bottles

(2) 6 Pt. M&R rotary cam harness SFI 16.1 Just Updated are now red, M&R no longer had yellow. The punched date on these is now March 13.


MC Racing Fiberglass light pod with dzus fasteners

(4) KC 100W driving and pencil beam lamps

FAL Lexan rear hatch window

Plastic underbody protection

– There is a $199 Document and prep fee that allows us to sell at NO RESERVE

– Please let all the pictures load. This is a large auction. If you cant see the over 50 pictures, click refresh on your browser.

– If you have any questions or to Buy it now, please give Joe a call at 443-617-XXXX.

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Be still my heart…

Fourteen grand they want for this. Holy poop, I think this is worth every single penny… as long as that motor has good compression. I mean there is probably that much money in parts and cage alone. Either I am not thinking right or there is something wrong with it. I wish I had fourteen grand burning a hole in my pocket right now.




  • bigredcavetroll

    That’s probably the first Integra I’ve ever wanted.

    Also, there’s something wrong with a co-driver with an American accent. Co-drivers should have an accent other than American and be screaming their heads off to the point of them being incomprehensible. With that said, he’s probably the first driver I’ve heard whom I could understand what was being said.

    • SlowJoeCrow

      I hear you about the accent, I’m used to seeing European rally coverage. My favorite co-driver accent is Irish, with an honorable mention to the presumably Polish lady in a video on Jalopnik a while back whose intercom failed, causing her to scream directions in a progressively louder voice until the stage ended.

    • Agreed, never seen the Integra as an appealing vehicle until this one…

  • Vairship

    “Only 99K miles”. I’m assuming that’s actually quite high for a rally car. Unless of course it’s one of those rare rallied-by-a-little-old-lady-from-Pasadena-to-church-and-back rally cars…

    • I did some digging, called the seller. It was built in 2009-ish, street driven prior to that.

  • Michael Mainwald

    You can use your teggy as spare parts!!!

  • Kenny

    Buyer beware I went to see this car in person and was sadly disappointed. Underneath the car and under the hood looks nothing like the pictures. A lot of rust and on one coilover the bolts were completely rusted OFF. Dealer said they had the car for well over 1 year sitting outside in the elements and they didn’t know how long the auction house before them had it. Took a three hour drive to see this car with full intention on purchasing. Extremely misinformed!

    • nik

      thank you for a very informative helpful time saving headache I’m sorry you went out that way and disappointed hope you find another!!

      • RallyJ

        Maybe Kenny was the guy that stole it shortly after looking at it. Someone came in the middle of the night with a rollback and took off with this car. The pictures were HD quality taken by the sellers. Some of the video links were from the original builder. I know the sellers, good guys who run a small dealership. Screwed over by theifs who no doubt planned this one out. It was never found and either stripped down or is at blacked out at a track somewhere.


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