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Robert Emslie December 28, 2015 Hoonivercinema, Monday Movie Trailers 2 Comments

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 8.10.55 AM

The idea of demonic possession or the inexplicable advent of sentience in inanimate objects is a well-worn, and very effective trope in horror cinema. Just consider the freaky clown in the original Poltergeist or the titular Plymouth in Christine. Of course it always helps if that inanimate object is endowed with an element of malevolence to begin with.

That’s not the case in the horror/comedy/what the hell did I just watch film, Rubber. In this instance the possessed, or whatever it is, killer is an innocuous radial tire. The Tire wakes up – as many of us no doubt have – in the middle of the desert, covered in dirt and then uses its psychic powers to go on a murder spree.

While the 2010 French film is arguably the weirdest car-related movie since Repo Man it does follow a fairly traditional plotline. That plot is…. well, why don’t you just watch the trailer and see if you can make sense of it.

Rubber doesn’t seem to be on any of the regular streamers right now.


  • CherokeeOwner

    …I still need to see this film.

    • Rover 1

      I don’t think I do.


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