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Design the 2025 Dodge SRT Hellcat Contest

Kamil Kaluski December 9, 2015 All Things Hoon 16 Comments

2015 Dodge Challanger SRT Hellcat top small

Here at Redusernab we love all things Hellcat. I personally can’t think of a more evil grin-inducing car than the 707hp Challenger. Coupe or sedan, stick or auto, the Hellcat may go down in history as the quintessential muscle car of the current era, if not of all time. But while it is awesome and bonkers for all the reasons, the Challenger/Charger platform is aging and probably does not have more than a handful of years to live.

For that reason, FCA is running a design contest for the fourth straight year. This year, the contest is to design the 2025 Dodge SRT Hellcat, a model two generations away. The cool part is that the contest is open only to high school students in grades 10-12, meaning that any young person who enters is likely to design something that looks like an actual vehicle as opposed to a bubble-topped spaceship. It should be noted that the big speculative news here is that the next generation Hellcat, whether Charger or Challenger or whatever, Hellcat all the things as far as we’re concerned, is already designed.

2024 hell cat 1

This is actually pretty cool. In the days when young adults graduating college have trouble finding jobs, a contest like this may open many doors for the winner or at least provide motivation to work toward their dream job. The contest is pretty wide open, without any specifications or restrictions. The contest can be entered at  or mailed to the FCA US Product Design Office by January 8th, 2016. The top four winners get some really cool prizes:

First place:

  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Three-week summer automotive design course at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit (includes housing, meals and field trips)
  • Three passes to the Detroit Autorama at Cobo Center in Detroit
  • Three-day/two-night stay in Auburn Hills, Michigan (includes flights, hotel and rental car)
  • Dinner with FCA US Design team members

Second, third and fourth place:

  • Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
  • Three-week summer automotive design course at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit (includes housing, meals and field trips)
  • Three passes to the Detroit Autorama at Cobo Center in Detroit
  • Three-day/two-night stay in Auburn Hills, Michigan (includes flights, hotel and rental car)
  • Dinner with FCA US Design team members

So, how would you design the 2025 Hellcat? What power-plant will it use? How will cars change over the next ten years? Looking back to 2005, most cars have not changed that much. But the Hellcat isn’t most cars. It is unknown if the Viper will be around in ten years, so the Hellcat might have the job of being the brand halo car full-time. Like all muscle cars, it would need to be based off an existing mass market vehicle. Or does it? After all, there is nothing that says that a Hellcat must be this or that.

Let’s open our minds a little bit and ask some questions. Whatever the design is, it must sell, such is an honest goal of any car. Being that everyone seems to love SUVs, should the Hellcat take a form of an SUV? But what do high school students like? Or what will they like in ten years? Power-plant is a tricky one. With engines being getting efficient by the day, electric cars overcoming many of their challenges, will a big honking V8 make sense? Most current teenagers have been force fed environmental consciousness – would they retain that in their design, or say screw it, the Hellcat is about being bad-ass?

I’d love to see the entries to this contest. The winners will be chosen by FCA US Product Design Office, including none other than our man crush, Ralph Gilles – Head of Design for FCA Global, and Joe Dehner – Head of Ram Truck and Mopar Design. These guys certainly know cars and I have faith that the winners will be chosen not only on their artistic abilities but technical knowledge, too. Because what good is a design that cannot be built?


hellcat engine

All images copyright Kamil Kaluski/Redusernab 2015. 

  • Alff

    Here’s my entry. Hope springs eternal…

    • Jeepster

      Design contest over in one – next subject

  • Car_Door

    Too bad I graduated high school… My design would have been a lifted and more angular version of the viper, with a V12 (made from two pentastar V6’s). It would be kind of like the Aixam MegaTrack, but front engined instead of mid engine.

    • Ok… I’d love that.

    • Sjalabais

      A departure to crazy – a real challenge, and a fresh design. The odds?

  • 0A5599

    Green. Check.

    Rear spoiler. Check.

    Heavier than it should be. Check.

    Giant hood opening for supercharger(-ish) clearance. Check.

  • JayP

    My son is just in 8th grade or he’d be all other THIS.

    I’ll tell him about it just t get him ready for when he’s eligible.

  • bigredcavetroll

    I’m really disappointed Chrysler killed off the 4.7 so early on. The first generation was pretty miserable with all of its reliability problems, but the second generation would have been perfect for boost. It had a girdled bottom end and a forged rotating assembly, dual spark plugs, and long rods.

  • JayP

    Fvck me.
    That first pic is the exact reason to own a Challenger.
    How the roof line and hips blend into a perfect release to the rear end.

    Just look at it. LOOK!!

    • I don’t know. I’m only 6’1″, and everyone will think I’m weird if I bring a ladder along just to look at my car.

      • JayP

        The right people will understand.

      • ptschett

        Sometimes there are pre-existing ladders.
        This one might have been too tall…

        (Taken from the top of the Nicollet Tower ( ), a few miles west of Sisseton, SD; the car is the 2010 Challenger that was mine till early this year when I traded it for a 2015.)

        • That’s a great photo. Ever since I started driving a 5-ton truck for work, I’ve noticed that a high rear 3/4 view is complimentary to a lot of cars. That’s the view I get the most, as they all zip past in traffic. The view from my own (lowered) car is never as nice – just a constant stream of saggy CUV butt. The effects too-tall bumpers, random features added to disguise the fact that the waistline is too high, and general obesity are all disguised when the viewer is elevated a bit.

  • I_Borgward

    Obligatory contest submission:

  • William Robinson

    While I love the challenger and charger (that big maw on the charger). I wish the would have made the 200 rwd. There is space and could have been done easily. Maybe by 2025 they will bold a 200 mini hell cat.

  • 1977ChevyTruck

    “Entrants must be a student in grades 10-12 currently attending a U.S. high school.”

    Ugh… for the first time I wish I was American…


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