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Redusernab’s Los Huevos Rancheros Battles Top Gear USA for Class F Domination at 24 Hours of LeMons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza

Tim Odell December 5, 2015 All Things Hoon, Los Huevos Rancheros 8 Comments

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After a mad-dash to fix a million problems, we’re here and ready to DOMINATE. Specifically, we’re here to dominate Class F, where they throw us yahoos from automotive media. Us yahoos being Redusernab and Top Gear USA. Ain’t no way we’re doing fewer laps than those guys.

Here’s the thing: Top Gear has more resources than us, what might be a better car than us (90s Crown Vic) and at least one good driver. However, looking at their track record, the more time they spend with a car the worse it gets. In our case, the more time we spend with a car the better it gets.

We coasted through tech at 4:59 without any (major) issues and spent all afternoon and night debugging old-car crap (carb and timing issues). Now the Ranchero’s running better than ever before. But as I understand it, they haven’t passed tech yet. We’re already ahead!

There are only two places in Class F, first and last. We know where we’ll be.



  • CraigSu

    Given how poorly it’s applied I predict the woodgrain vinyl hood will come flying off after a couple of laps, thereby covering the windshield and either forcing a black flag or a race-ending wreck for TGUSA.

  • Batshitbox

    There are only two places in Class F, first and last. We know where we’ll be.

    That’s right! Fords Finish First!
    Oh, wait…

  • JayP

    TG:US is still a thing??

    • Jeff Glucker

      Yes… And you should watch and check the credits this season. More on that soon:

      • dukeisduke

        A little shameless self-promotion, Jeff?

  • dukeisduke

    That looks like sheet vinyl flooring on the hood of the TGUSA car.

    I dig those wheels on Los Huevos Rancheros. What are those from?

    • Cheapest (or second cheapest) black steelies on the Discount Tire Direct website. (they’re cheap copies of Cragar Soft 8s).

  • Fuhrman16

    Congrats on the class F win!



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