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Quick Spin: 2015 Jaguar F-Type R AWD

2015 jaguar f-type r front

Not that long ago I reviewed the . I found it to be a sweet little roadster but somewhat lacking in the performance and attract-the-ladies department. Now, here I am again, with another F-Type, but this is one is a little different because it’s red. And it also has which give it an extra 170hp, and an new all-wheel-drive system. Can those minor differences really make a big difference?


2015 jaguar f-type r rear34

Let’s start off with the engine. In my opinion, this supercharged 550hp 5.0-liter V8 is one of the most underrated engines in the industry. Everyone is like Hellcat-this and AMG-that, but this thing is pretty amazing. I reviewed a with this engine and noted in my review that an upgrade to it was worth every penny. The same goes for the F-Type, where the V8 totally transforms this car. It goes from cuddling with the Boxster to taking a swipe at the 911 Turbo. The engine itself just may be my favorite V8 on the market, at least out of the cars I’ve driven.

This year Jaguar added all-wheel-drive to the F-Type R. While some may be crying over the loss of steering feel (there wasn’t any loss) and others asking why, the obvious answer is traction. No, not winter traction – traction out of the hole. Despite fancy driving control systems, putting this much power to the rear wheels just won’t do anymore. You simply need AWD to play with the big dogs, and this cat (I’m so sorry) sure seemed to have the claws (I can’t help it) to do just that.

0-60mph? . Quarter mile? 11.8.

That, my friends, is fast. Let’s put that into perspective. Here is the list of cars you should consider drag racing in the F-Type R against: Hellcat, Mercedes GT-S and SLS AMG, Ferrari California T, any Maserati, any BMW including the i8, Corvette (base), most naturally aspirated Porsches (be careful there), Lexus LFA, most Mustangs and Camaros. Apples-to-apples, of course, all cars being factory stock. What I am trying to say here is that the F-Type R, with AWD, is a damn fast car.

2015 jaguar f-type r interior

Along with that quickness comes the sense of speed. I have driven some fast cars that didn’t necessarily feel fast, such as the and the . Not so with this Jag. When the Active Sport Exhaust® is enabled, it’s as if a domesticated kitten was given catnip laced with bath salts (please don’t hate me). The sound, at WOT and when let off it, is downright intoxicating and addicting, pushing even the calmest of drivers to hoon a little bit. It’s loud, sounds great in tunnels and garages, it gargles, it snores, and yes, it purrs, but is not annoying like a Maserati. See and hear Jeff’s excellent video on that topic. That exhaust noise itself may very well be worth the money.

Speaking of money, the F-Type R starts at $103,600. The ‘vert jacks up that price to $109,450. The pictured vehicle was painted in Italian Racing Red Metallic Paint for $600, had $1000 dub wheels, illuminated side sills for $450, and the interior was wrapped in additional leather for $2200. Vision Pack, with parking sensors, camera, and blind spot monitor was $2100. The total price of this car, with destination, is $120,995. Before you lose your shit over this price, realize some things. The base of the F-Type is $65,000, which is damn competitive with cars such as the Porsche Boxster. The new Merc GT-S starts at $130,000, and while the Porsche 911 starts at a much lower price, no one has ever actually seen a Porsche without a Subaru STI worth of options.

2015 jaguar f-type r front side

Jaguar realizes that their sales have been in , with less than a thousand units sold in September 2015, but they are doing something about it. This year, the F-Type and XJ get between $7000 and $11,800 worth of equipment that was once optional. The new XF model is over $5000 less expensive, and the upcoming XE, which seems damn nice and a damn good value (pictured below), is set to start at $34,500. Without a doubt, the F-Pace SUV will become the best selling Jag when it goes on sale in the spring. When asked if the F-Pace will take sales away from Land Rover, JLR rep said that it didn’t really matter, as a sale is a sale and all the money goes to the same kitty. Further, to repair its reputation, all Jaguars will come with a five-year 60,000-mile warranty, free scheduled maintenance, and roadside assistance. Rawr!

2016 jaguar XE side

Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC provided the vehicle for this review. All images Copyright Redusernab/Kamil Kaluski 2015.

  • Sjalabais

    What does the “R” stand for?

    • Borkwagen


    • fasteR

    • ptschett


  • The pictures above help make the decision even easier, Jag’s F-Type is the winner of my theoretical “best modern design” award.
    Kamil, how’s the handling and steering feel? Is it the same in the V8 as in the six (would assume so?)?

    • Yea, if it isn’t, it’s damn close. I’d imagine a greater difference would be between a coupe and a convertible than between the V6 and the V8 model of the same car.

  • JBsC6

    Great review of a really sexy jaguar…..the supercharged v8 is the way to go. Just tough decide between the open air driving experience of the convertible or the very sharp looking coupe.

    Open air would probably lean me towards the vert but true to form that coupe shape is too beautiful to pass up on….

    • In terms of looks I like the coupe with the two center exhaust pipes of the V6.


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