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Volga Weekend Edition: The 1956-1970 GAZ M-21

Antti Kautonen October 18, 2015 Weekend Edition 3 Comments

Instead of dedicating an article to the Volga Siber, which is most likely the most modern Volga there is – because that is a Russian-built Chrysler Sebring with Volga badging – I’ll rather go right back to the start and show the first Volga there was, the M-21 series. It’s a lovely, rounded 1950s design and on the lead image you can see all three versions of the 21: the first, “Star” series, the second “Shark” series, and the third, “Baleen” series. All the nicknames come from the way the radiator grilles were designed, as they differed a little from each other.

There was also a wagon variant, which was referred to as the “Shed”. If there had been a wagon version of the Siber, it would probably have been called the “Shedbring”.


The M21 replaced the Pobeda, which was in production from 1946 onwards. The M21 had big shoes to fill, and the 1956-introduced car managed to be in production until 1970, even if the replacement’s design work started as early as 1961.


Here is the Shed. It’s a very good-looking shed, and there’s even a view to the river.


The first cars had 64 horsepower out of the 2445cc engine, but by the third series the output was improved to 75. Export cars are mentioned to have had a ten-hp boost from that.


I can’t vouch for the build quality of the cars, but that is a very endearing shape. Luckily quite a few M21-series cars have been preserved, as almost 640 000 cars were made during the fifteen years of production.



  • I’m greatly enjoying these weekend examinations of a marque.

  • Rover 1

    Iconic enough that a BMW 850 based special was made. Is it a caricature or an homage? You decide.

    And a later convertible based on the later 6-series

  • Sjalabais

    The 21 is the Volga to get if you’re looking for a well-built Soviet car. It has a great reputation. It is priced accordingly and it constitutes a quite big classic car market:

    …and you left out one version. The eco-friendly grassejovitch:

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