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Video: HoonTruck Gets New Headlights

Jeff Glucker October 15, 2015 Featured, HoonTruck, Project Cars 12 Comments

HoonTruck recently went on a vision quest… not to find itself, but to actually provide me with better vision when I’m driving the truck at night. To do this, I needed new headlights so I reached out to our friends at Peterson Lighting and they sent over a set of their LED headlights.

These are 7-inch units that are plug and play. I simply had to remove the old lamps, pop in the new ones, and make sure it’s all aimed where it’s supposed to be. If I could do it, then you could do it.

At night, the results are dramatic and my view off the nose is greatly improved. These don’t look like cheap-o basic bulb upgrades either. It’s a fully contained unit so it works as you’d expect it to. Simply swapping in bulbs can provide pretty mixed results. The units themselves aren’t cheap, but the upgrade makes nighttime driving a much more pleasant experience.

[Disclaimer: Peterson provided the lights free of charge.]

  • bigredcavetroll

    I like the look of clear-lens headlights on older vehicles like that. Looks nice!

  • As another , they’re pulling about half the amp draw of incandescent bulbs.

    • KennyB

      Just put a set of these same lights in my ’01 Wrangler. It’s a dramatic difference.

  • Looks like a pretty nice upgrade. I got rid of the sealed beams in the Miata and went with H4 bulbs inside an E-code housings. Not technically DOT legal but not dangerous and I’m able to see much more of the road at night. I might consider a switch to something like this if I ever do have to go back to DOT approved lights.

    • They work very well on Miatas.

      • ninjabortion

        And old Supras! I feel a lot safer with pop up lights hiding my $400 headlights held in by 3 phillips head screws…

    • Scoutdude

      I run the Hella E Codes with legal bulbs in them and have for years. A friend bought so LEDs, but the Trucklite version. I can see farther but the LEDs are certainly whiter.

      • Yeah, I’ve got the Cibie housings with some nice Philips CrystalVision bulbs. The car had some old Sylvania XtraVision in it when I bought it and they weren’t horrible, but the light only seemed to shine in two small spots. Now it’s much more spread out.

  • discontinuuity

    If you ever get tired of them, I’ll take them off your hands. I’d love to have LED lights for my Miata.

  • zsvdkhnorc

    As my ’66 F-350 creeps towards road-worthiness, I’m going to have to do something about the lights, as well. I like LEDs. They work well in my home, on my shop equipment, &c. Why not the truck, too?

    If they’re not too exorbitant, you’ve sold me. [Checks price] Hoo, ducky! That’s almost as much as a tire!

    This goes onto my wish-list next to the overdrive.

    • They’re definitely overpriced. The LED headlights available for my car would cost about twice one decent-quality tire, each.

      A dazzlingly bright LED flashlight? $30. I’ve definitely considered taping a couple of them to my hood.

  • I saw a beautiful 74 Monte Carlo at cars and coffee with LED lights like these. Unfortunately, no one makes any for the quad round light set up in my Thunderbird.

    BTW, I saw this f100 at C&C a few weeks ago. 6 cylinder, 4 speed. He was familiar with your truck.