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Moskvitch Weekend Edition: The 1976-1987 Moskvitch 2140/Elite

Antti Kautonen October 4, 2015 Weekend Edition 2 Comments

With time, the 408/412 series were replaced by the modernized 2140 series, which relied on the same basic structure. As with the previous post, there is a great deal of Finnish promotional shots courtesy of the importer.

The sole engine here was the 1500cc engine from the 412, meaning the export versions remained to be called the Moskvitch 1500/1500S and the later 1500SL.

These two photos are interesting, because the plates have been doctored later on to resemble Finnish registration. They aren’t quite right, though, even if the numbers probably matched existing cars.

For a car made in the late 1970s/mid-’80s, the layout had aged somewhat. The solid rear axle soldiered on.

This is what the 2140 driver had in his hands.

The three millionth car, built 35 years ago.

Blink and you’ll miss it: this is the SL version for the 1980s, that carried a number of improvements.

The new interior is rather inviting actually.

And the SL could take you to the ski slopes in total comfort. However, this car doesn’t have a roof rack and I don’t know if a ski hatch was available, or whether the rear seat did fold.

  • Synchromesh

    Incidentally the SL was unpopular in its mother country. Was the only car you could buy without a line because it was considered inferior to the Lada but price was higher actually.

    You’re totally making my weekend with these posts! Can we make the next one a Volga weekend?

    • Sjalabais

      I can only second that, it’s almost as if I want to apologize for commenting too much. It would be fantastic to get more insight about the social hierarchy of these cars and their competition in its time, Syncromesh. This is just as important as the solid information about mechanics, electronics and reliability.

      This shot is just amazing:

      A lot of the guys seem to have a disbelieving facial expression, while the driver’s big smile is all we see of him. The fantastic colours of the cars in the background are also something to behold.


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