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Weekend Edition: 1995 Renault Laguna Evado Concept

Antti Kautonen August 30, 2015 Weekend Edition 7 Comments

In late 1993, Renault unveiled the Laguna as the replacement for the 21, which was sold in the States as the AMC/Eagle/Renault Medallion for a short period. Come the 1990s, Renault moved away from the number-based model portfolio, replacing the 5 with the Clio, the 19 with the Megane and the 25 with the Safrane. The smaller the cars were, the better they did in the market.

The initial Lagunas were five-door versions with a large hatchback, and there was no four-door saloon. To drum up interest for the upcoming wagon, Renault built a show car called the “Evado”, the name perhaps a nod towards the earlier 21 Nevada, which was a fairly long-wheelbase wagon version. Here’s the Evado in all its pearl effect glory.

I have to say, the champagne colour fits the rounded shape pretty well, along with the dark wood-effect paneling on the lower part of the car, claimed to be real, actual wood. The smoked taillights complete the look, and there’s a strong kinship to the Espace F1 here.

The trick of the Evado was a full glass roof, consisting of four sunroofs that were electrochromic. The driver was able to darken the tinting from a switch in the dashboard. And as can be seen from this shot, the Evado seated six.

Currently, Lagunas do not command a high price on the used market in Europe. You can pick up a V6 version of the first generation for a couple hundred with valid inspection in Germany, and it’s still a three-litre unit that will propel you forwards with much gusto. If you go for a facelift car, the six is a 24-valve unit. It’s highly unlikely the Evado has been recreated by a latter-day Laguna fan, or that the concept has seen sunlight in the past 20 years, but these images remain a nice look back into what Renault was doing back then, when it was closer to Volvo than Nissan.

  • Van_Sarockin

    That vertical C-pillar is just awful. Ruins an otherwise fairly nice car. That dark band also isn’t doing any favors.

    Thanks for making this an All-P-M-Y-Weekend!

    • I’m showing my age when I say that ’90s styling, not ’80s, is what really speaks to me and makes me nostalgic.

    • dead_elvis

      Vertical C-pillar? I’m not seeing it. D-pillar, yes.

  • longrooffan

    Am I the only one who sees this when I look at this longroof?

    • dead_elvis

      First thing I thought of… and I’m not a fan of the Sportbak. I’m digging the Renault, though.

  • Fuhrman16

  • Sjalabais

    That looks almost exactly like the finished Laguna. A colleague of mine has one, in addition to a Mondeo wagon. He hardly ever uses the Ford, because he likes the Renault’s comfy handling – “wee, tiny springs”, is how he explains it. Lots of electrical gremlins though, and the gas engines are a slurpy bunch on these.