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Some interesting pics from There Goes the Neighborhood 24 Hours of Lemons race

Kamil Kaluski August 12, 2015 24 Hours of Lemons, PBR Buick Regal 10 Comments

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24 Hours of Lemons races can be, how do I say,… Interesting. I don’t mean the ridiculously themed cars or the intense racing. I mean the stuff other than cars: the people, the stuff the people bring, and the cars that bring the people. Last weekend’s There Goes the Neighborhood 24 Hours of Lemons in Thompson, CT, was no different. In the time I wasn’t driving, avoiding dehydration, or helping out my teammates, I ventured into the paddock and here is what I saw.

Full race report late this week.

Just a crowd of people. And a dominatrix.

Just a guy riding a… thing. Dressed like that on a 90F day.

Just a crowd of fans. One dude is in a bikini, no biggie.

The Massholes, great team from the 508 area code who screwed themselves and lost overall by half a lap.

These stupid Volvos are stupid fast.

Your I.O.E. winner, rightfully so.

Winner of How the hell is this a $500 car? or something like that.

Fiat 131!! It did as well as you’d imagine. Still, it was refreshing to see a proper Fiat. Why didn’t they go with the obvious Alitalia livery is beyond me.

That’s a scooter. I have no idea how it runs but I saw a dude riding it.

GT Performer!!! I had the same bike! Haven’t seen one in ages! Have you seen what they’re going for on eBay!?

Not a Subaru. I was hoping it had a Subaru engine. It didn’t.

Two guys. In hats. One dressed like… I have no idea. The other on a unicycle.

Note the C7 Corvette-like quad exhaust – that’s attention to detail!

The team that this vehicle was with left on Sunday morning. Why?

Because one of their members had a little too much to drink and went all wacko at night. Yelling, cursing, knife, wire ties, State Police, taser, he resisted, lots of drama that escalated quickly, yaddy yadda.

And we end with this brown goodness. Likely a sleeper.

Nah, we end with the team picture! Andy, me, Chris, and Rafal. We finished fifth in class! More on that later.

  • “Yelling, cursing, knife, wire ties, State Police, taster [sic?], he resisted, lots of drama that escalated quickly, yaddy yadda.”

    I really should get out to one of the East Coast races.

    • The Rusty Hub

      That’s called “Buying someone a drink in New Jersey,” as I understand it.

  • Jeff Glucker

    Ugh, I wish I could race with you guys. I NEED TO RACE AGAIN

  • MarkT

    Totally inspired by the lifted longroof.

    • smokyburnout

      it was great!

      • Sjalabais

        Future factory GM XUV (or GM WTF – whatever acronym the market for big tires prefers).

        • Dylan Reid

          That E34 is sweet. Post more pics of those guys!!

  • hwyengr

    Rats. Since it’s already been done, looks like I can wrap up the elusive $500 Citroen SM search for the ultimate S&M-themed LeMons team.


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