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Seconds Saturdays Wraps for 2015; Here’s a Photo Dump

Tim Odell August 11, 2015 All Things Hoon 17 Comments

Seconds Saturdays at Hanzel Auto Body Works in Oakland runs from April to August every year, and while the vehicular attendees are incredibly photogenic, we rarely seem to get around to actually posting all the shots we take. What follows is an album of a few (dozen) select shots from this year’s events. Credit for the vast majority of these goes to Daisy (who shot ), not myself. Prepare to have a few new desktop backgrounds…

[Copyright Daisy Odell]



  • Alff

    Wow, much more to the Hanzel empire than I thought, having only previously gazed upon photos of the dusty French Quarter of the shop. Kudos.

    • Chris Hanzel

      We keep the 917s in the back back back.

  • Tamerlane’s Thoughts

    Argh. Didn’t get a chance this year to show you all the Saab wagon.

  • nanoop

    Now there will be a Redusernab calendar with a new picture for every week?

  • Will there be a Hanzel Auto Body presence at this Saturday’s Concours d’LeMons? I’m leaving Seattle tomorrow after work to find out whether the Freeway and I will fare better than we did in 2013….

    I understand Pete’s planning to be there with his Ford Courier Sasquatch:

    • 0A5599

      Major style points for showing up on a wrecker, but I presume it is even more credible to be flat towed using a strap.

      • Regrettably I didn’t show up at all in 2013, in that the wrecker took me only as far as the nearest U-Haul facility, which is to say Eugene, OR. I was briefly tempted to drive the “smallest truck they’d rent with a trailer” the rest of the way there and back but, inasmuch as I had just lost a day of travel anyway, decided against it.

        • 0A5599

          Not showing up for C d’L with a legitimately broken car is pure genius. What kind of prize did they award you?

          • Incorporation into the Cd’L Facebook page when Alan finally got to see and photograph it at last year’s Billetproof Hot Rod Eruption Drags:

            It made that trip okay.

    • Chris Hanzel

      No Hanzels at the Concours this year. We peaked at the first event with the rear ended DS.

  • That Volvo 142 is the very embodiment of filth. Ooooh.

    • dead_elvis

      Sexy, sexy filth!

  • Van_Sarockin

    Day-yum! And whatever those weird things are, that aren’t Citroens, look pretty good, too.

  • karonetwentyc

    Two DSes with air-con (the black and the cream one). The black one also has turning lights (can’t quite tell on the cream one), and hopefully both have 5-speed gearboxes. If one or both has all three, that’s about the perfect car.

    Utterly fantastic, and that CX isn’t half bad, either…

  • Chris Hanzel

    Thank you to everyone who came this year! I appreciate you all taking time out of your weekends to join us to consume backed goods and gawk at cars. See you all in 2016!!!

  • MattC

    My garage is bigger..see I just entered the typical comment. On a more realistic note, I could literally spend days walking around this shop (it genuinely seems unfair to call this a “shop”). What a glorious place.

  • fede

    Great photos! Congrats to Daisy and thanks for the hi-res versions.

    The DS never gets old…

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